Ivanka Trump Fires Up Arabic Social Media

While the news cycle continues to churn around President Trump’s first foreign tour — particularly the glaring contradictions between his current statements and the things he stated publicly before he became president — another Trump story is also developing. Namely, the fascination around Ivanka Trump on the part of their Saudi hosts.

While most of the conversation around Ivanka, and Melania as well, focused heavily on the women’s wardrobe choices, Ivanka herself became a trending news topic in Arabic social media.

As detailed in the English-language website Arab News, as soon as the president’s daughter stepped off the airplane in Saudi Arabia, she stepped into the Arabic speaking spotlight.

The Twitter hashtag “Ivanka bint Trump,” or “Trump’s daughter” was trending on the social media platform. So far, Melania Trump has also impressed the Saudi press, with nearly a full page dedicated to her “classy and conservative” look.

Interestingly, the Saudi public on social media also seemed to be pretty impressed with the U.S. delegation’s choice in security personnel. Arab News pointed to many poetic compliments to the so-called Man in the Red Tie. “Just give me the man in the red tie and throw me in the sea,” one commenter declared.

While visiting the U.S. ally, Ivanka Trump has met with Saudi women for a roundtable discussion concerning women’s rights. At the meeting she stated, “Saudi Arabia’s progress, especially in recent years, is very encouraging, but there’s still a lot of work to be done and freedoms and opportunities to continue to fight for.”

She also brokered a $100 million donation from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to a billion-dollar global fund dedicated to women’s economic empowerment.

Source: yahoo.com

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