John Dramani Mahama Granted Tax Waivers to 16 Companies

So the foolish NDC bigots tried fatuously to equalise having gotten hit in the marrow with the Airbus mother of scandals. In fact, the ruling of the High Court in the UK deflated their swollen egos beyond any further usefulness. In their recklessness, they pulled out the single and only waiver that the NPP government issued based on approval given by parliament for same.

Unfortunately, the regular insult that John Mahama had forever hurled at the nation, “Ghanaians have a short memory”, failed him this time. To the contrary, Ghanaians have sharpened their memory, and now do recollect poignantly the many misdemeanours and crimes perpetrated by the NDC against the nation. In light of this, we thought it just and prudent to remind John Mahama that during the tenure of his NDC government, he issued waivers to sixteen companies worth scores of millions of US Dollars. That said, I am informed that those waivers did not even go through due process except for some cosmetic applications that sought to camouflage the witch to look like the beautiful princess!

Regrettably, the incorrigible blunderers have become cognitive dissidents attempting a farcical embellishment of John Mahama’s issues that have not the slightest trait of positivity to achieve any semblance of goodness. It is labour in futility, which can best be described as indecent wool that the NDC fools seek to pull over the eyes of Ghanaians. Granted that the beneficiary of the waiver is the President’s relative, which by all means and under all circumstances is a mere coincidence, how would the NDC explain the waivers issued by John Mahama for over sixteen corporate entities to the tune of scores of millions of US Dollars, a number of them being for relatives, including his blood brother, Ibrahim Mahama?

I stand to be corrected though, but I am told that Dzata cement is for John Mahama’s brother, Ibrahim! Mabani Seven Company, I am told, was represented by Ibrahim Mahama, again John Mahama’s brother! Tang Palace Hotel, I am told, is for Mr Tang, a close affiliate of John Mahama. The story has it that at the time that John Mahama was a mere parliamentarian, he had rented Mr Tang’s house at Dzorwulu. Tang subsequently relinquished ownership to JDM when the latter became Vice President. As a result of that, when John Mahama became President, he favoured Tang with the land to build the hotel, which was a prime government property. But you’d wonder why during the construction of Tang Palace hotel Ibrahim Mahama would come around to oversee the works. It was soon said that Tang Palace is jointly owned by “Mahama and Tang”. I hope that this is not the case, but all the same, whoever owns Tang Hotel was a beneficiary of a massive waiver.

Initially, it was said that West Hills Mall was for Ibrahim Mahama, as were the other look-alike malls. It was later suggested that it was for the Ahwoi brothers. That notwithstanding, West Hills Mall was granted the waiver, which inevitably was for someone very close to John Mahama.

Having deliberated briefly on the issue of NDC’s equalisation of trying to give credence to a story that has no substance worth discussing except to say Kudos to the NPP government for applying due process in obtaining parliamentary approval for the only waiver given under the Akufo-Addo administration, let me reiterate that the Airbus scandal has dashed John Mahama’s hopes of ever returning to the Jubilee House as President. It is only fair to say that John Mahama, embroiled in the shame and pandemonium of this exposé, is kicking like a dead goat with the knife still at its neck.


By Fadi Dabbousi




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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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