John Mahama: A prodigy in hypocrisy, Untruths, and Political scams!

He is a total scam and may well be the nemesis of Ghana’s development. He shouts like a deranged fool without making sense one bit!

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Winding the clock back to 2013, John Mahama hailed the judiciary as principled and fair. Today he is disparaging this same outfit for upholding the law. He is a fair-weather friend of some sort, who knows no bounds in disrespect. Doesn’t anyone tell him how obnoxious he sounds and appears when he is cloaked in the spirit of evil? At least Madam Lordina should! This man has no love for Ghana or Ghanaians! He prances on opportunities to score political points that quickly bounce back in his face like a yoyo in undexterous hands.

He has soon forgotten that he was on the podium making a speech to notorious NDC supporters that in the highly unlikely event that he returned to Power, GOD forbid, he would release imprisoned galamseyers and make galamsey a free practice for all. Yet despite that disgraceful submission, and with total disregard to the havoc galamsey is wreaking on our environment especially water bodies, he sticks his chest out with pride that he will advocate for the destruction of Ghana so long as it serves his parochial interests! He advocates for crime and cries foul against it.

He is a total scam and may well be the nemesis of Ghana’s development. He shouts like a deranged fool without making sense one bit!

In fact, it is a good thing to compare and contrast governments so that the current may be on its toes. However, the dullness of John Mahama’s is further dimmed by the luminance of Akufo-Addo’s because the former had nothing to its credit except “gyina ho gye” playfulness, and overpriced contracts some to the tune of 100% or more.

John Mahama has no social intervention policies to his credit at all. The problem is that he is too assuming, and a total scam. Anything that Nana Akufo-Addo does seems to be a plan stolen from him. He must be a retard to think that he is the smartest when he can only win a world championship in chicanery, mediocrity, and psychosis!

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If he had any idea about social intervention policies, why did he not make any effort to implement even one? Nana Akufo-Addo has been singing the Free SHS policy since he became flagbearer in 2007, yet John Mahama, upon advice from his unwise men, tried, unsuccessfully, to implement it in order to steal the shine from him. And this is how lazy, unethical, and unknowledgeable braggarts operate. He does so in a manner as to scheme here and there to look important, when he, really, is as unimportant and pesky as a constipated hornet!

I think, Ghanaians must understand that NDC is not an option, and, certainly, not John Mahama, who insulted the nation by making ludicrous announcements such as “yawe nnam aka dompe”, “two million guinea fowls flew (escaped) to Burkina Faso”, “Amina was given 200 cedis to start a piggery like that called the NDC”!

But then again, his derogatory comment that Ghanaians have a short memory is the worst insult of all. In fact, that is what he banks on whenever he makes contradictory statements. He thinks that people are so shortsighted, mentally lazy, and forgetful that they most probably will not remember his earlier submissions. Had it not been for some attentive NPP and other non-partisan folks who remind him almost immediately he goofs, this nation would be swindled by this humourless comedian. Can’t he be honest for once? I am so annoyed and angry at his useless destruction of Ghana’s unity with his divisive rhetoric, and scandalous buffoonery!

John Mahama? Never again!!!

By Fadi Dabbousi


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