John Mahama and Corruption are a Match, “like needle and thread”

You see, the patience of the President in prosecuting John Mahama and his infidels emanates from wisdom that NDC apparatchiks certainly do not have. Divine ordinance comes with certain qualities that are found in Nana Akufo-Addo. We are unshaken by whatever thuggery that the NDC beings possess, which they try futilely to paint us with. It was just a matter of time that John Mahama would fall on his own sword.

Barely a couple of days passed since the humongous airbus scandal, another one hit him in the face. It was alleged that the Kotoka Airport Terminal 3 contractor accused John Mahama of taking 120 million US Dollars as bribe money out of the 240 million US Dollars paid them. People barely managed to drop their jaws when yet another revelation gave Ghanaians a running stomach. The stench stunk everywhere!

A used Embraer 190 airplane that is not supposed to cost over $15 million US Dollars was sold to the State at $55 million US Dollars, allegedly paid for by John Mahama at that time, whereas the brand new is priced at some 36 million US Dollars. It is like buying a shirt from the second hand clothing “bend-down-boutique” (fos) for four times its brand new version at a posh boutique.

Further to that, an amount of about $40 million US Dollars was earmarked for maintenance and other sundries including a hangar. For example, changing of steps was entered as having cost Ghana one million US Dollars. That cannot be possible! That thing would never have cost over $200 thousand USD. I am informed that an amount of $19 million US Dollars was earmarked for the construction of a hangar to house this “old hag”. It was finally built at a cost of $2 million US Dollars. What happened to the remaining $17 million US Dollars?

Look, people are people! Nonetheless, the chain of scandals in the NDC far outweighs and outdoes anything coming from NPP or any other organisation for that matter, be it governmental, private, or NGO!

How can you steal so much money from the national kitty? Haba!!! To add insult to injury, John Mahama announced a one billion US Dollar resurfacing project of the Accra roads in 2016, but there was nothing to show for it. Is this the source of the alleged $700 million US Dollars that he has supposedly earmarked for his Presidential campaign towards elections 2020?

I now understand why my late mother would regularly ask me to enter the thread through the orifice of a needle. In as much as it is mind-wrecking, it teaches patience of which Nana Akufo-Addo has enough to wait for John Mahama to fall on his own sword. It has also taught me that to every pot there is corresponding lid that fits perfectly. Both complement one another, like the needle and the thread that John Mahama and Corruption seem to be; or would it be more appropriate to say Cinderella and the missing shoe?

If you are looking for apostles of evil, thievery, and thuggery, you can find them in John Mahama and his ring of sexists who think that life is all about binging, comedy, erections, and sleep!

By Fadi Dabbousi

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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  1. Emmanuel Boahen says

    I am now confused ooooo ,”eye me se daeso” why NPP? We are trying to allow criminals to tell us that we are thieves. Why? We should not forget that ” ankore hunu na eye dede”, literally meaning it is the empty barrel that makes the most noise philosophy does not work in our 21st century contemporary world. We have all the information about NDC and their crimes; what are we doing with them? We should be mindful that we are in election year oooo. NPP executives should know that NPPmembers alone cannot help us to win the election with 50+1% . When an eagle and snake are fighting, the best place for the eagle is not on the ground but rather in the space. A word to a wise is here oooooo and not enough. Thanks…

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