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With two around two years remaining for general election(s) in Ghana, #Step2Network# opinion poll has revealed that people are will to change government.

According, to the opinion poll NDC has a comfortable lead over the incumbent NPP in seven of the ten regions as John Mahama who has not yet be elected flag bearer of the opposition NDC is still clearly the first choice of people for the post of President.

However, the NDC is expected to lose to the NPP in three regions. NPP who has majority seats in the legislature will lose over 59 seats if elections are conducted today.

The report indicates that respondents clearly voted in favour of NDC and John Mahama when asked about their choice as President of Ghana. 53.9 percent people think Mahama should come back. Even in vote share NPP is nowhere near the NDC in the Central Region where the NDC lost terribly in the 2016 election. NDC is is far ahead in all the seven regions. In vote share tally NDC is getting huge support from 5 of the seven regions with around 57 percent.

Like the seven regions where the NDC seems to making serious inroads, the report says people in the three regions where the NPP is likely to win hands down are also opting for change. Akufo-Addo who is expected to be ousted from power if elections were held today is also lagging behind John Mahama in popularity in some strongholds of the NPP. 57.3 percent of the respondents (in the strongholds) says they don’t want change in the centre though have lost confidence in the administration. 49. 6 percent of the respondents want John Mahama to be their president.

#Step2Network in collaboration with some online networks and radio stations conducted another poll between August 5 – 15 in five languages across the ten regions. About two third (71.9%) of respondents who took the survey saying they will vote for John Mahama and the NDC if general elections were held today. With about two years to go for the next national elections, 73.4% of respondents said a Mahama-led government was the most likely possibility when the elections are held. When asked to rate two fifteen months of the Akufo-Addo government, over two third of respondent rated its track record as bad or very bad. Out of this, very bad accounted for 47.4 percent and bad for 20.6 percent. About 13.38 percent termed it as average, while 20.55 percent found it to be very poor.

The survey asked respondents to rate the biggest successes as well as failures of the Akufo-Addo government. On successes: 46.42 percent of respondents rated Free Secondary Education as their top choice, followed by allowance for trainees (21.9%).

Corruption, unemployment and bad economy emerged as the biggest failures with 78.45 percent of respondents saying it was the biggest problem for the Akufo-Addo government. When questioned on the government’s efforts at reducing unemployment, 70% said that they were either not satisfied or termed it as very abysmal. Out of these 49 percent fell in the not satisfied category and 21 percent were those who thought it was very abysmal. The government’s Free SHS policy was also considered a failure by some of the respondents.

On the question of the most likely political scenario after the 2020 general election, 73.36 percent respondents predicted a Mahama-led government coming back to power.

The first report said if Mahama and the NDC were to win the election, it would have big impact on domestic and foreign investors , which can also impact domestic and foreign flows, thus becoming a positive factor for the Ghanaian market. NDC domination in eight of the regions may cost the NPP significant number of seats as stated earlier in the report.

Respondents said the Opposition can achieve what has been been predicted if it presents a formidable team and a good campaign message. They said how the party handles its internal matters and how it relates to the minority parties are going to be part of the determinant factors. The mentioned election of hardworking executives and popular parliamentary candidates as some of the factors.

According to some lecturers interviewed in the Central Region, the party lost many seats in the region because of how it handled PCs in the region. They said the party’s executives were so confident in 2016. They said the NPP in 2016 appeared more organised and returned with a better message than that in their previous encounters. They said the NPP clearly gained from the Bawumia wave, where he was able to swing significant vote share in his NPP’s favour with his lectures and attacks on NDC’s economic policies.

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