John Mahama fixed Dumsor, he didn’t manage it

His excellency John Dramani Mahama made a promise during the 2015 SONA and I quote “In the past what we have done has been to manage the situation. I do not intend to manage ourselves out of the situation as has been done in the past. I John Dramani Mahama, will fix this energy challenge”

In order to fulfill his promise to Ghanaians as a good and competent president, he (John Dramani Mahama) brought in the following plants to solve DUMSOR once and for all and of course yes he fixed DUMSOR;
1.The 110MW steam component of the T2 power plant at Aboadze
2. 225MW karpower barge
3. 220MW kpone thermal plant
4. 250MW Ameri power plant
5. 180MW first part of sunon asogli phase II
6. 38MW TTP plant
7. 2MW solar plant at Navorongo
8. Atuabo Gas
9.FPSO Mills ,

President Mahama, in order to fix DUMSOR of which he fixed it once and for all,he brought in all the above plants, where as at 2015 ,the demand for electricity per annum was 10-12% but president Mahama as a visionary leader brought in all the above plants which can produce more than Ghana’s demand for electricity for more than 60% per annum and also export some to different countries ,of which export of electricity was done under his watch and still ongoing ,all because of his visionary decision he took.

President Mahama, decided to make DUMSOR a taboo in Ghana of which he did ,emphatically, DUMSOR was fixed under his(John Dramani Mahama) watch.

President Mahama, doesn’t promise and fail ,neither he do lies but rather does and walk his talk than any other president of Ghana ,president Mahama is an experienced leader to lead Ghana from 2021.

Why are we now experiencing DUMSOR but this government fail to tell Ghanaians?

The answer is simple and it goes as , this government is super incompetent to the extent of not consistent in lying,this government’s managers of the energy and power sectors are incompetent and being supervised and headed by H.E Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo.



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