John Mahama, You Took Airbus’s 5 Million Dollar Bribe as a President or Human Being?

At a court of competent jurisdiction in London, the case of a rotten bribery scandal involving Airbus and several customers ended in a $4 Billion (four billion US Dollars) settlement in which Airbus was ordered to pay compensation to France, Britain, and the USA. The details were quite shameful, knowing that my dear Ghana was despicably entangled under the incompetence of John Dramani Mahama and his NDC group of bandits.

Basically, the allegations were that Airbus connived with an “intermediary 5” close to President John Mahama to execute the deal to purchase three military aircraft worth hundreds of millions of US Dollars against a bribe of five million Euros. Of that amount, a tranche of three million and nine hundred thousand Euros (3.9 Million Euros), equivalent to five million US Dollars ($5 million US Dollars), was paid. Really, you can’t be surprised that John Mahama would drool over such a big bribe, having accepted a lowly Ford Expedition donated by the Burkinabe Contractor as a ‘Thank you’ for an overpriced contract to build the fence wall of the Ghanaian Mission in Burkina Faso.

At that time in our shameful history, President Atta-Mills had ordered investigations into massive corruption that rocked his government with the purchase of those airplanes, and an Embraer jet, including a hangar, which was built at a fat invoice of $2 million USD to house it. Less than a year later, Professor Atta-Mills was killed, or was he not?

I am angry that Ghanaians would allow such jesters as the NDC camouflaged criminals to even campaign to bring back John Mahama. If you ask me, the truth about many untold stories of corruption and massive theft of the national kitty by John Mahama’s bandits should disqualify them from ever running an election campaign. It is nauseating to hear the coup plotters and war mongers of the NDC cry foul when their John Mahama imported a few bald Mercedes Benz vans that he labelled as “ambulances” not quite fit to load his escaped guinea fowls from Ouagadougou back to Ghana. Each ambulance cost over $150,000USD (One hundred and fifty thousand US Dollars). Compared to President Nana Akufo-Addo’s fully equipped ambulances with state of the art devices that are so fantastic you’d wish to fall sick just to be in one of them, and which came with a unit price tag of half of John Mahama’s, it won’t take you too long to realise that Ghanaians were scammed out of billions of US Dollars that ultimately became the debt of the nation; one straddled with shame due to a contrived disability caused by such heavy fiscal burden as that we are now saddled with.

I am not surprised that recently there was talk that John Mahama had earmarked some seven hundred million US Dollars for his “Come back” election campaign. After all, it would seem to me that that amount is barely a fraction of what was stolen from Ghanaians! He knows that another four year Presidential mandate would pay off this amount plus much much more. At least, we surmise as highly suspected that he will reassign Ghana’s six hundred billion US Dollar bauxite deposits to his brother Ibrahim Mahama, another alleged imp who almost swindled CEPS out of millions of Ghana Cedis by issuing 44 dud cheques, and more, but for the watchful eyes of Ghanaians.

The Lord, I pray, hearkens to my prayer for Ghana to keep lest the molesters of posterity should return to rape us beyond healing in a traumatic display of open defecation of morals, ethics, and untold misery that will certainly be our share for entertaining criminals as the persons in the NDC and bribe takers like John Mahama and his “Intermediary 5”!

Who else would be “elected government official 1” if it is wasn’t President John Dramani Mahama in those days? Nonsense!!!

So the word out is that “Intermediary 5” is John Mahama’s brother, Samuel. I would have suspected Ibrahim had not an excerpt of the book “My First Coup D’etat” surfaced to throw more light on the alleged character named “intermediary 5”! Wow, John Mahama shoots himself in the foot yet again with diabolics that create a contradiction between the truth and falsehood, the former being overly hyped and unsustainable.

Could this be a reason for the so-called murder of President Atta-Mills?

On another note, I cannot but agree with Koku Anyidoho, a very loyal friend and “son” of the late President, when he made a categorical statement on twitter to distance His Excellency the late President Atta-Mills from this murky and difficult bribery situation that has brought shame upon Ghanaians.

I am just wondering if John Mahama had accepted the Airbus bribe as a President, or human being, or canvasser, or as a person! It is instructive to note that going into elections 2020, John Dramani Mahama has under his sleeves the most unprecedented and disgusting scandals any President has ever perpetrated since independence. The nation owes it a duty to posterity and to the great men and women of our country who wove greatness into the Ghanaian knit and fabric to never allow this man anywhere near Jubilee House. Power is not for thieves and idiots whose astuteness is measured by sexual prowess, uncontrolled libido, bribery and corruption!

I mean, really, how? You allowed that documents be faked in order to bamboozle the world, albeit a short-lived act of trickery, which just cemented the general opinion that you, John Mahama, do not possess any self-esteem and integrity to govern your household let alone a whole nation!



By Fadi Dabbousi


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