June 4: Rawlings calls for Comprehensive Solutions to NDC’s ‘Horse-Jockey’ Business.

The founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC); former President Jerry John Rawlings has attributed the party’s defeat in the 2016 general elections to the mass departure from the values of June 4.

Speaking at the 38th anniversary of the June 4 Revolution at Wa in the Upper West Region, the founder of the NDC called on the entire membership to immediately find comprehensive solutions to the horse- jockey business going on in the party to allow integrity to prevail or, leadership gives way for fresh leaders to administer affairs.

The former President said the noble June 4 principles are not alien to mankind. He advised members of the NDC and Ghanaians in general not to allow differences which can be resolved with consultation and compromise to degenerate into bitterness and potential conflicts, among others.

The former President advised party faithfuls not to stray from those cherished human values the June 4 brought into the social life and body politic of the country. He disappointed those who thought he was going to “boom”. The former President focused more on the Party’s unity and restoration of its noble principles and ideals and attributed the departure from its noble principles to failure on the part of the rank and file.

According to the former President, Ghanaians should not think the current administration is clean because its bad practices have not reached the dangerous level recorded under Kufour. He admonished Government to act promptly and decisively on all criminal cases and advised Ghanaians to desist from the mob action phenomenon and other unconventional practices being practiced in our communities today.

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