Kavirondo Drops New Video for “Kamenona” featuring Gabiro

Kisumu city is slowly and steadily becoming a creative with talented kids not limited to Gabiro Mtu Necessary popping out with fresh content on a daily basis. He has finally released a brand new hit record with the legendary rap artist Magwagwa who has since created a two man crew; Kavirondo Gang.

First off, hats off for the prolific Gabiro who has proved time and time again that he’s a versatile artist who has refused to be regarded as a one-genre rapper.

As long as record producers producing beats, Gabiro will continue owning them with such class and finesse.

Gabiro has records that are pure hip hop, Dancehall, Gengetone, and he can even sing if he wants to, what he hasn’t released yet is Ohangla or Rhumba but I am sure he can do that as well if he wants to.

After clearly examining their Kamenona track, they all score an A+ in Comprehension Skills with this trak that was released today April 21st on YouTube.

Kamenona is a Swahili word translating to thick or fat and in this context it has been used to praise the beauty in African women.

Kavirondo Gang consists of two rappers the legendary Kenyan rapper Warlord Magwagwa and aspiring young lyricist Jogoo Dee who came together in late 2019 and joined forces to work on the first ever Gengetone EP titled ‘042’ that consists of four tracks.

They have since managed to release three music videos out now on YouTube together with their new EP that was released on 24/03/2020 that consists of four amazing songs all produced at MGF Studios in Kisumu.

It is definitely a bright future for them having gotten a chance to work with Gabiro Mtu Necessary who is a force to reckon with in the Western region of Kenya. Gabiro the fourth of five siblings drew his earliest inspirations from the likes of Octopizzo, Sir Sina Peters, Khuli Chana, Juliani and a host of others.

He has steadily built a reputation for Kisumu’s best lyricist, and but also shares his personal struggles through his art. From working as a matatu tout to battling drug abuse, Gabiro’s ability to tell stories separates him from rap music ‘status quo’.

Even though keeping his lyrical prowess a little tighter in this round, Gabiro drops even more ‘egg’ related jabs: head ‘cracking’, grenade pull and ‘scramble’ a guy, launching his metaphorical skills like a real class act yet not cracking under pressure, after all right now everyone is going vulgar with every new release.

No hidden rhymes!

Check out the official video below:


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