Keep your development projects, give us our University –  Chiefs at Afram Plains tell gov’t

Chiefs and Elders of Kwahu Afram Plains has appeal to President Akufo-Addo to immediately rescind his decision to relocate Donkorkrom campus of the University of Environment and Sustainable Development to Bunso.

According them, they prefer a university to any other development, saying, if the Nana Addo led administration establish the proposed University Campus in Donkorkrom and do no ther developmental projects for them in his entire four years, they will be okay with it.

Addressing the media and irate youth, at Donkorkrom, the district capital of Kwahu Afram Plains North in the Eastern region on Monday, the Amankuahene of the Kwahu Afram Plains Traditional Area, Nana Okuntu Sakyi, who were clouded in red cloth, stated emphatically that they (the people of Afram Plains) are not against the government’s plans to site additional campuses aside the two mentioned in the Act establishing the University in any community it wants to.

“What we simply want is the dictates of Act 898 (section 3) to be followed. Let the mentioned campuses (Donkorkrom and Somanya) in the Act be duly established before establishing any other campus as the University council may determine” Nana Okuntu Sakyi reiterated.

According to him it is improper to relocate the University campus from Donkorkrom and deny the good people of Kwahu Afram Plains the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits associated with establishment of a University.

Nana Okuntu Sakyi, further explained that Afram Plains has for years suffered a lot of setbacks due to its location. However, there was a renewed hope when news of sitting a university campus here broke, several citizens of our District and other investors had actually acquired acres of Land near the allocated University Land in readiness to construct Hostel facilities and other ventures to help the school function as expected.

He emphasized that their joy, hope and dreams of getting a university established on their soil was being dashed due to the impeccable evidence from the corridors power that government through the Ministry of Education has decided to relocate the Donkorkrom Campus the University to Bunso in the East Akim Municipal District.

“Afram Plains covers one-third (1/3) of the whole Eastern Region in terms of Land Mass but has been cut-off from the rest of the country because it is surrounded by water, as a result of the construction of the Akosombo Dam. This construction helped to provide electricity to the whole country while we the people of Afram Plains suffered as a result. he lamented.

“We were extremely happy when the news to establish a tertiary institution in the Kwahu enclave specifically in Donkorkrom (Afram Plains) was released because we know how beneficial putting up a university will be for the people and any attempt to relocate it will be suicidal. He warned.

“We a certain that the only developmental project that will largely help to propel the socio-economic development of Afram Plains and help raise the standard of living of our people is the establishment of the university” Nana Okuntu Sakyi insisted.

A classical example is how Ex-President Kuffour supported the establishment of the University of Development Studies by Ex-President JJ. Rawlings at its originally stated location and this has helped to boost development in the 3 Northern Regions. He pointed out.

This project as we anticipated will lure the private sector bring major developmental projects into our District and the entire Kwahu land with particular emphasis on our poor road network and boost economic activities as well.  Nana Okuntu Sakyi added.

The passage of Act 2015, Act 898 which established the university indicated clearly under section 3 (CAMPUSES OF THE UNIVERSITY). It states “The University shall be established in Somanya with campuses in Donkorkrom and any other place as the council may determine”.

Source: Kwadwo Boabeng, Back from Donkokrom, E/R

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