KFC Tournament opens Registration

The Kings Football Tournament (KFC) yesterday announced its maiden U17 tournament in Gbawe Accra. The tournament is focused on supporting committed and professional young players and their teams to be recognized and get their careers on the path of greater heights.

The two day tournament which will commence from 25th  – 26th November at the Gbawe Cluster of Schools Park featuring  eight premier under 17 teams from Ghana.  The KFC tournament is a non-residential and teams would convey to the tournament ground early morning for the two-day event.

In a statement to the press, the tournament director, Seli Nyaho said, she is happy for the opportunity the event abounds players and encouraged refutable and organized teams to register.

She said the event is for teams that understand the game of soccer and are looking for ways to promote and enhance the competitiveness of their players.

The event is organized by the FFP and the wAiA to nature young people to be the best they can.

In addition, the statement indicated that the KFC Tournament seeks to provide well-organized soccer recreation appropriately structured to accommodate professional level of play commensurate with GFA and FIFA rules. The Tournament supports players’ individual ability, potential, and interest and promotes a positive youth sports culture that teaches life lessons and prepares the players for a career of their choice.

“Football is an incredibly powerful engagement tool, and the immense local, national, and international popularity of the sport means that it can be utilized to not only entertain people, but also bring about positive change to local communities. The tournament affords the player the chance to relate better with self, teammates and opponents”. The statement noted.

The chairperson for the planning committee of the Kings Football Competition (KFC) tournament, Ms Mardey Ohui Ofoe in a telephone call said the KFC Tournament is a high-quality experience about the principals of positive coaching, fun football and togetherness of teams regardless of performance. The KFC also offers key life lessons that have value beyond the playing field that gives the player the chance to learn the skills, tactics and strategies of the game, and improves as a player.

Ms. Ofoe said premier U17 teams should visit the Facebook of the tournament to register. Adding that the first 11 players of the teams will be profiled and promoted online to build support for the tournament and their teams.

The deadline for team registration is 15 November 2017 after which teams would hold the draws for the match. The winner of the tournament will receive a trophy and appear on four sport media outlets.  The winner and the tournament officials will also enjoy a cocktail party and red carpet celebrations.

The KFC tournament dubbed the portfolio tournament will provide  certificate of participation all individual players of the team and the team, live broadcast of tournament on Facebook , tournament brochure , newspaper publication on goal scorers, phot shot, key player interviews, after the match teams coach interviews, live audio interviews  among others.

Other logistics available include, shed for every team with chairs, water and a light breakfast and after the match drink to refresh player’s energy. The tournament will also have a first aid zone for players to treat basic injury and muscle strains.

The tournament will also run a live commentary in English and twi for entrainment of the spectators. There would be two publication for the tournament. A brochure of the event and a catalogue of the event two weeks after the closing ceremony.

Each team will pay 300ghc to register a maximum of 22 players and four officials. Each team will have nametags to monitor good behaviour and for identification.




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