King of Morocco Acknowledges GHAMOSA

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for their efforts to further promote the Ghana Morocco Cooperation (GHAMOSA)

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, King of Morocco has acknowledged the Ghana Morocco Old Students Association (GHAMOSA), an association made up of Ghanaian graduates from various Moroccan institutions, for their efforts to further strengthen the bond which exist between Ghana and Morocco. In a letter addressed by the Revered King to the leadership and members of the Association, the King after expressing his appreciation for their good wishes following a medical procedure he underwent recently, expressed his gratitude to the association for their continuous efforts in promoting the existing cooperation between the two countries.   

“I want you and the members of the Ghana Morocco Old students Association (GHAMOSA) to know how much I appreciate your kind thought. It reflects not only the high regard you have for me, but also your attachment to your second home, Morocco, and your keen desire to further promote friendship between Moroccan and Ghanaian students’’ stated by the King in the royal letter.

King of Morocco Acknowledges GHAMOSA
King of Morocco Acknowledges GHAMOSA

Speaking to the New Crusading Guide Newspaper about the Royal letter from the Moroccan King, Mr. Peter Panyin Anaman, President of the Ghana Morocco Old Students Association expressed his utmost gratefulness to the Revered Moroccan King for his gratifying letter to the association and thanked the Moroccan Ambassador to Ghana, Her Excellency Ambassador Imane Ouaadil for her cooperation.

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‘’It is a great honor for us to receive such a letter from His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God grant him victory. We really thank the Lord Almighty for taken him through the surgery, we very grateful to God for the life of His Majesty. His presence and guidance is very important, not for only Moroccans but most importantly for the entire African continent especially the youth’’ he proudly said.

‘’What Africa lacks is neither human nor natural resources but good leadership and that is what His Majesty represents.  Africa needs patriotic and visionary leaders, leaders who love their continent, committed to its development, and care about its future. His Majesty is a perfect module for African leaders and worthy role module for us the future leaders of the Africa continent” he added.

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‘’His Majesty is one of the few Africa leaders, Africans can be proud of. We are very proud of his achievements during his reign as the Moroccan King. His contributions to the human resources development of Africa and his support for youth development are enormous. His letter to the Ghana Morocco Old Students Association goes to confirm his faith in African youths and his firm commitment to serve African people. We are highly motivated by this inspiring gesture and pledge to do more to strengthen the existing bond between Ghana and our second home, Morocco’’ He continued.

He then urged the youth of the continent to take ownership of the continent, in the sense that they should place themselves between the gap between policy formation and implementation. He also pointed out that, that it is not enough to want to take action with regard to pushing for continent unity and development when they become policymakers; one should serve and contribute to national and continental unity and its development as a youth. ‘’Today we are struggling to change is the product of yesterday, today is the fruit of the actions and inactions of today’s leaders when they were young. Tomorrow will be the product of our actions and inactions of today’’ His Majesty said and I quote ‘’Everyone must realize that the future is built now and that the next day will be the fruit of what we achieve today’’ He concluded.

The Ghana Morocco Old Students Association (GHAMOSA) is a global coalition of young Ghanaian professionals trained in the Kingdom of Morocco and currently integrated within various sectors in Ghana and around the world. Their membership is comprised of entrepreneurs and professionals operating within the financial services, medical, oil and gas, legal, hospitality, academia, and other sectors. The association was born with the mission to promote co-operation between the Republic of Ghana and the Kingdom of Morocco and to raise public awareness on the numerous opportunities available to both countries, especially in the educational and economic sectors. Their main vision is to contribute to national development through partnerships in which they provide development-focused financial, professional, and transformational services.

The Association has been running for the past eight (8) years and has undertaken a number of impactful activities over the period. Through their activities and articles in the Ghanaian media, they have been advocating for regional integration and highlighting Morocco’s contribution to human resource development of the continent through its scholarship scheme for African students whiles networking with the Moroccan community in Ghana. Among their past activities are Educational conferences, Green March Business Exhibition and Networking forum, donations, King Mohammed VI Sports and networking festival which was organized to mark the Twentieth (20th) Anniversary of His Majesty’s ascension to the throne, and international professional webinars which were organized in support of King Mohammed VI’s COVID 19 African initiatives.

The Ghana Morocco Old Students Association (GHAMOSA) has made significant efforts under its new Africa Students -Youth diplomacy policy, adopting a Student-Youth solidarity approach, promoting the unity of Africa students-youths, preserving the existing relations between African countries, and forging new relations that have allowed millions of African students and youths to work together as one family. This effort resulted in Morocco hosting for the first time the 8th AFRICAN STUDENTS AND YOUTH SUMMIT (ASYS) under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. The Ghana Morocco Old Students Association (GHAMOSA) through its partnership with the All African Students Union (AASU) gathered students/youth from the rest of Africa to the Kingdom of Morocco.

In implementing the Association’s new Students-Youth diplomacy policy, at the 8th AFRICAN STUDENTS AND YOUTH SUMMIT (8th ASYS), students from other African countries joined their Moroccan brothers and sisters to network and discuss the future of the continent. By hosting the summit in Morocco, the Association’s mission to expand the exchange between youths from the rest of Africa and Moroccan youths as well as to facilitate cooperation between them was successfully achieved in Rabat, Morocco on 19th – 24th December 2019.

The Moroccan King through the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation (AMCI) offers 100% scholarship to thousands of foreign students especially students from Africa. The aim of the scholarship is to strengthen the bond with international students especially Africa. GHAMOSA GHAMOSA





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