Kojo Williams celebrates 15 Experiential Years as Public Relations Consultant of JICA

I was elated when I got a call and an email confirming that I had been offered the role.

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This month marks 15 experiential years for me as the Public Relations Advisor/Consultant at the Japanese Government’s International Aid Agency, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). JICA gives bilateral assistance (loans, grants, project-based interventions in health, education, agric, private sector development, infrastructure, etc) to governments across the world.
I remember I was working as the PR Manager for the Association of Ghana Industries, AGI around 2007 when I saw the advert for the JICA job in the Daily Graphic newspaper. It was a very busy day for me as I was making preparation for the AGI to host the Presidential Candidates of the NPP, NDC, CPP and PNC at the time, in an interactive dialogue with captains of industry and some CEOs of multinational companies.
I finally mustered courage and I applied for the job. I had to attend 3 screenings and interview sessions. They were very practical and intense. The number of candidates decreased as we inched towards the final interview session; what started with more than 50 candidates, later reduced to 5 final ones.
For the final lap of the interview and selection process, I faced a panel of 7 people. Though, I felt I was confident, having garnered good experience from my journalism days, interviewing heavy-weight politicians, top business people and religious leaders, the direct stare from the interview panel gave me queasy chills. However, I gave that interview my best shot ever.
I was elated when I got a call and an email confirming that I had been offered the role.
Over the years, I have successful worked with four Country Directors/Chief Representatives and a large number of Japanese and Ghanaian colleagues. My role, as a consultant, is not an 8am-5pm employment, so, it gave me the liberty to engage in other jobs and businesses, as I often work remotely and occasionally from the JICA office or counterpart agencies of the Ghanaian Government such as the Ministries of Trade, Finance, Agric, Health, Education, etc. In those 15 years, I worked for other leading PR agencies in and outside the country and I established my own PR agency. I also ventured into real estate and other investments.
I’m grateful to God and everyone who is a part of this success story. In my little way, I’m selflessly giving back to others, mentoring some young people personally and through my PR agency and the real estate company. In general, I do my best to stand in the gap, helping others in many ways than one. May the Almighty empower me to do more!
Cheers to more collective wins!


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