Kokrokoo Programme Overhyped? Sammy Gyamfi’s Brains Have Charred

You can’t but be a person in need of psychological help to allow arrogance overcrowd any sense that you may have in your oblongata. Being persona non-grata on the most popular morning radio programme, Kokrokoo, is a blight on the rotten-egg ethics and bad faith that Sammy Gyamfi harbours in his derailed soul.

You see, knowledge is to know what to say, and wisdom is to know when to say it, but this NDC goon, certainly, is bereft of either. It is never a case of incomplete creation, and GOD, surely, did not make a mistake creating Sammy Gyamfi. HE is perfect and does not make mistakes, but HE seems to have created this boy to be a perfect example of how utter foolishness and arrogance do fester, leading to mental and attitudinal gangrene that will drive the culprit to the labyrinths of hell where he will become an eternal living chichinga!

It is an honour to be associated with a star as Kwame Sefa Kayi. His accomplishments over the years as news anchor on radio and an ace programme host makes him a celebrity loved by all. He does not do partisan politics on radio. Even though he, as any other person, has a right to his own political persuasion, he does well to keep it hidden so that it would not seem as if he supports one party over the other, a trait of journalistic justice that he maintains by giving all political parties equal attention. And the dimensions of his endeavours go way beyond radio. This man has got a life yet is being attacked by a despicable empty barrel who doesn’t!

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So for a rat as Sammy Gyamfi to expose his flaccid ego and arrogate to himself the exclusive powers of the rotten NDC is an insult to the immorality of that Party, and a blight on its professional chicanery. Why? Well, immorality is in itself a curse, and to add yet more curses upon the main curse creates a denser form of distaste, disgust, and disgrace to the existing traits.

In his attempt to lie and deceive Ghanaians at every opportunity he gets to make a submission, he tends to create that blight on the professionalism of the NDC in selling out Ghanaians, because in as much as they try, futilely albeit, to hide their deceit, he does a wonderful job exposing them as the most profligate of deceivers, spending Ghana’s stolen money to worsen the plight of John Mahama, a burnt out card that needs to be left in the dumpster of Ghana’s neo-history!

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Sammy Gyamfi

Kwame Sefa Kayi is a veteran, who started his journey in radio and journalism before Sammy Gyamfi was born, so to speak. Yet the latter is incriminating his own parents by exhibiting an attitude that Ghanaians frown upon, which I doubt they had instilled in him. He is not only a disgrace to politics, democracy, and the legal profession he so erroneously ascribes to, but also the biggest liar in the history of Ghanaian politics having learnt from John Mahama and beaten him to the trade!

But Kwame Sefa Kayi will continue to be fair in his Kokrokoo programme. I am certain that it will not take more than a remorseful apology to get this diaper baby, Sammy Gyamfi, back on Peace FM’s morning programme, which is the most popular in the country, and unparalleled in patronage! So its popularity cannot be overhyped because Ghanaians actually listen in religiously. If anything is overhyped at all, it is the charred brains of this unknowledgeable lawyer Sammy Gyamfi, who cannot tell the difference between popularity that Sefa Kayi enjoys, and the over-hyped flatulence of a character as his.

I ask Kwame Sefa Kayi never to allow the NDC, and certainly not the nincompoop, Sammy Gyamfi, back on the programme without appropriate apologies and amends, because NDC is a party of promise-breakers and liars during whose tenure Ghana saw the worst of falsehood, and abuse, both, internally and internationally! After all John Mahama taunted Ghanaians with the statement, “Y’awi nnam, aka dompe”, and subsequently the added statement, “Y’awi dompe ka ho!”

A liar John Mahama is. Just like Sammy Gyamfi, this man can lie as if it is a requirement for being a member of the NDC. Recently he deceived Ghanaians by making noise about the Presidential chair that is carried along almost everywhere President Nana Akufo-Addo goes. While it is a normal tradition at the Presidency to do so, John Mahama’s chair was also carried everywhere, even the toilet!

Kwame Sefa Kayi, continue to soar high menua )dehye kronkron,! Dirty propaganda against honest people like you will not stick.

#Kokrooko #KwameSefaKayi

By Fadi Dabbousi

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