Koku Anyidoho; The Confident Political Novice

KOKU ANYIDOHO paaa! You “berr paa ooo”! So in spite of your fast running, insidious and abrasive mouth, you are only a “confident novice” who knows next to nothing about Ghana Politics? Aaaba Koku!

I have just been informed by an Article written by my eloquent brother, Dzifa Gunu that your phone was found full of nude pictures of yourself when the BNI picked you up some 3 years ago. “If that is true diee, Koku you blast waa”!

So you don’t know that, if “you have mouth” in Ghana Politics, you need to be extra careful how you conduct yourself? If you “talk by heart” like I do, you need to know that your opponents would like to “see your back” so some of these things must not be kept on your phone? So you don’t know this and you spent precious time and energy badmouthing JM? Come on bro!

For example, because I know how “hot my mouth” is, I make sure my phone does not have a single sensual picture, I swear! Even if they find their way onto my phone by reason of Whatsaap Images, I delete them “one time”.

I do this because, to assume the moral authority to insult somebody, you need to be without a dishonourable image yourself. You have to keep your own teeth clean before you offer another person a tooth brush. So before I run my mouth against somebody, I try to keep my backyard clean.

Could this trap by the NPP security personnel be the reason why you behave so strangely of late? Is it that you are afraid they would splash your nude pictures in the media to expose your immoral life? An entrappment of the “Bull” to tame it? Mmba noh!

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All said and done, I am honestly pained that, such an Armageddon has befallen you of all people. Oh Koku! You were one of the few comrades I admired in our days at Youth Forum at Kuku Hill. In fact now you have lost it because of your unwarranted aversion for the “Innocent John Mahama”.

Change your ways and free yourself from hate bro! Thanks.

17th January, 2021

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