Korley Klotey NADMO readies to surmount Preventable Disaster

The NADMO office at the Korley Klotey Municipal Assembly has organised a stakeholder engagement forum to discuss the causes of disaster with suggestive preventive measures to save lives and protect properties.

The Municipality has in the past experienced disaster of monumental proportions like fire and flooding culminating in the loss of lives and destruction of properties. Daniel Odai Appiah, the Korley Klotey Municipal Director in charge of NADMO said his outfit is battle ready to surmount preventable in the area.

Preventable disaster according to him is inspired by human activity such as dumping of rubbish into gutters and littering which find their way to gutter chocking it in the process leading to flooding.

Appiah said NADMO has intensified its disaster prevention drive by educating members of the community including school pupils and the need to keep their environment clean. Sanitation court, he adds, has been set up to prosecute individuals who flout sanitation bye-laws.

The NADMO director made a passionate appeal to chiefs and members of the clergy to also play a crucial role in disaster prevention by educating their subjects and flock on the need to minimize the effect of disaster on the citizenry.

A representative of Ghana National Fire Service also took the opportunity to educate Ghanaians on the dangers of overloading electrical sockets including regular maintenance of electrical equipment as well as safe use of electricity and how to douse fire when fire outbreak occur.

Source: Adovor Nutifafa



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