Krif Ghana Honors CEO of BlackGold Group

President and Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of the BlackGold Group, Oscar Sam Ugoh, has been honored for his success and contributions to the print industry in Ghana. The award was presented to him at a private ceremony held in his honor last week in Accra.

Executive Chairman of KRIF Ghana Limited, Rev. Kennedy Okosun, was joined by his Executive Director, Awura Adwoa Okosun, to present the citation which extoled the virtues of Mr. Ugoh with the justification that he has blazed the trail to remain on top of his peers in his chosen industry.

According to Rev Okosun, “the likes of Oscar are few in the system and if all of us should practice humility the way he does it, the world would be a better place for us all to live in and enjoy”.

The citation reads “In fitting recognition of your exemplary service to the world, in particular Ghana

We acknowledge and celebrate you for your immense contribution through your exceptional weekly newspaper, The Business Week and your distinguished quarterly magazine, The Corporate Guardian which can be found on the tables of seriously discerning Corporate Executives, Government Officials, Decision Makers, Captains and Leaders of Industry.

You remain a trail blazer in your profession: a journalist Par Excellence. We are proud of you”.

In a brief remark, an overwhelmed Oscar Ugoh said though he believed that there is a reward for whatever one does on earth whether good or bad, he least expected that such recognition and honor would get to him soon. He narrated part of the challenges he had to go through to stay in competition in a fast growing publication industry which is also being threatened by the advent of technology.

He was grateful to God Almighty for bringing him thus far as well as his staff who always stood by him and encouraged him to stay afloat for better days ahead.

Oscar Sam Ugoh, a professional marketer has been in Ghana for the past 20 years where he has spent a good number of these years growing the BlackGold brand. The BlackGold Group owns a number of publications including The Corporate Guardian magazine, BusinessWeek Africa newspaper, Businessweekend newspaper, PrimePeople magazine and many more.

The company recently held the BlackGold Order of Merit Awards which was presented to Mrs. Dlamini-Zuma, past chairperson of the African Union Commission as part of the BlackGold Excellence Awards which is about to take off.

Source: Jeorge Wilson Kingson || Businessweek

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