Krosbi Mensah celebrates X’mas with Widows, Aged and People with Disabilities

Honourable Member of Parliament (MP) for the Afram Plains North constituency, Betty Krosbi Mensah, has presented Christmas packages to over 500 widows, aged and disabled women in her Constituency.
The event which took place on Thursday 26th December, 2019 brought together many vulnerable people across the constituency to the residence of the MP. Each person took home a bag of 5kg rice, 1ltr Cooking oil, 400g tomatoes and 425g Mackerel.

Hon. Betty Krosbi Mensah speaking at the event iterated how becoming a widow is terribly devastating, widowhood is a heartbreaking event that happens to almost 1million women each year worldwide.
It is a fact that women live longer than men and half of surviving spouses over age 65 will outlive their husbands by 15 years. That means there are many years ahead to be responsible for household financial decisions.

Making matters more complicated, the death of a spouse unleashes a deluge of financial tasks. Many widows aren’t as familiar with Investing, Insurance policies, Estate planning because in most cases the husband handles all these financial matters.

Hon. Betty used the opportunity to educate them on 5 steps they should take after the death of their husband;

  1. Do not rush into major irrevocable money decisions right away.

  2. They should watch out for financial wolves who will prey on them.

  3. Make house decisions carefully.

  4. They should get an objective review of their finances.

  5. Finally they shouldn’t be a purse for others.

Hon. Betty in her concluding statement used the opportunity to advice the whole constituency and the people of Ghana to protect, care and support vulnerable widows and the disabled in the society.

The widows, aged and the people with disabilities in one voice showed gratitude to the Member of Parliament and prayed for God’s blessings on her.
To them she is about the first MP to ever show them such love so she should in that direction for God’s blessings.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to all.

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