Kwabenya Chieftaincy Title: Theo Ankamah Aryee is an Imposter

The Kwabenya Mantse, Nii Kwao Obuabasa II and the Kawo Obuabasa family have exposed one Theophilus Ankamah Aryee also known as (Theo) of Abbey We for stealing the chieftaincy title of the area.

Theo was further warned to stop parading himself as the Kwabenya Mantse since the current chief Nii Kwao Obuabasa II, Kwabenya Mantse is alive.

In an interview with in Accra, spokesperson for Nii Kwao Obuabasa II, Kwabenya Mantse, Mr. Emmanuel Ankamah Aryee said nobody qualifies as the Kwabenya Mantse except those from the stock of the Nii Kwao Obuabasa family.

He explained that the first Nii Kwao Obuabasa, a warrior, was charged to protect the Kwabenya land after he helped the chiefs and the people of Gbese to capture that land in a war with the Akwamus.

The Gbese Chief then gave Nii Kwao Obuabasa the power of attorney to rule over the land; and Warrior Obuabasa created and named a village Kwao Breya (ie. Kwao suffered to gain), now Kwabenya. Thereafter, some other clan houses joined Nii Kwao Obuabasa at Kwabenya, including Abbey We, according to Mr. Ankamah Aryee.

He said one of these joined clan houses, Abbey We, clandestinely installed their son, Theophillous Ankamah Aryee as a parallel Kwabenya Mantse whilst there is a living chief, in the person of Nii Kwao Obuabasa II, from Kwao Obuabasa family, alleged the spokesperson.

According to the spokesperson, Nii Kwao Obuabasa II, the real Kwabenya Mantse was installed in 1992, gazetted, and published in the local government bulleting on January 5, 1993, and is still alive.

Mr. Ankamah Aryee, spokesperson indicated that the people and elders of Kwabenya cannot install a new chief whilst there is a sitting chief who has not resigned or been destooled.

A statement issued by the elders of Kwabenya said “….Theophillous Ankamah Aryee is an imposter parading himself as the newly installed Kwabenya chief, so nobody should give him publicity or recognition; we the elders of Kwabenya wish to advice the general public to ignore him and his publication”.

Documents available to the shows that the Kwabenya chieftaincy disputes were resolved as far back as February 5, 1982 following the ruling and the judgment delivered by the Ga traditional Council’s Judicial Committee.

According to spokesperson for the Nii Kwao Obuabasa family, since then the ruling has not been contested or set aside to warrant the installation of another chief in Kwabenya.

He reiterated that if there should be installation of any chief for Kwabenya at all, the said chieftaincy title is not supposed to leave the Kwao Obuabasa family to any family due to the understanding from beginning.

Source: Delali A. Awuyeh


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