Kweku Baako ‘expose’ holes in his brain

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I got home, just like any other day late and very tired after working out myself and responding to calls from various radio stations to help educate fellow countrymen on the coronavirus pandemic. I also had the opportunity to call on government to respond to the cry of the people of the Upper West Region and provide them with the much needed resources to fight a ‘local’ pandemic call cerebrospinal meningitis that is eating them up at the speed of light.

So far 33 people have lost their lives but government is yet to come to their aid. I’m wondering if Kweku Baako has read any news headline about the CSM in Upper West region, and what are his comments?

After taking my shower to refresh my body and some light soup to nourish my weak muscles, I tried to glance through the headlines of the ‘’Ghanaweb’’ and came across this funny heading, ‘Kweku Baako ‘expose’ NDCs coronavirus ‘lies’. Immediately, I was motivated to read it, but after going through it, I came to the conclusion that, the so call Mr. document is an empty textbook analyst and my subsequent paragraphs will help you understand how I arrived at this conclusion.

First and foremost, I want to put it on record that, I do not doubt Kweku Baako has in his possession a lot of documents including those predating the ‘creation’ of the earth. I really salute him for being the only working library. But with all those documents, I am convinced he knows nothing about probability and risk in the medical field.

Kweku Baako’s analysis as publish on Ghanaweb on the demands made by NDC, individuals and some civil society organizations for government to bring home Ghanaians studying in China at the time Wuhan was the only place recording coronavirus cases has rather exposed him big time as a modern stomach journalist interested in diverting attention from serious national issues.

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The two major national issues Ghana is facing as a country today is not Ghanaian students in China, but coronavirus in Ghana and how to contain it and the second is CSM in Upper West that has already claimed 33 lives and counting.

Why didn’t Kweku Baako use his time in providing possible solutions to Ghanaians on how to arrest the spread of the virus and rescue our countrymen in Upper West but took a different path instead?

I wish to ask Mr. Kweku Baako the following:
1.What fear was government of Ghana entertaining that they refused to bring home our students from the only coronavirus infested country at the time?

2.Would they have introduced the virus into the country if they were brought home?

3.Was Ghana at that time still receiving direct flights from China?

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4.How many people in Wuhan at the time the calls were made were suffering from COVID 19?

5.How many people are currently suffering from coronavirus in Ghana that the rest of us have to tolerate a partial lockdown to protect the nation?

6.If 313 case of COVID 19 can push the government to introduce a partial lock down, why couldn’t over 8000 case in a province of the same population as Ghana cause for a call to air lift our students out of China to a safe Ghanaian territory at the time?

7. If we can go to the extent of shooting people to enforce a lock down that would halt the spread of the disease, don’t you think that it was worth demanding for them to be air lifted to safe grounds? Afterall we knew at that time that they were virus free and you have just confirmed it?

8.With ‘only’ 313 cases of COVID 19 and partial lock down can you tell me the government is insensitive and fear mongering? Can you compare this to the thousands of cases in Wuhan at the time the calls were made?

9. Was Ghana the only country that was going to airlift her students?

10. So by your logic, who is insensitive and fear mongering, NDC or NPP?

I would be glad to read from you in your earliest possible time.
Thanks, and play safe when it comes to health, else people will think you are pleasing a paymaster in your submissions.

A comrade from a distance

Dr. Thomas Winsum Anabah

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