Landguard threatens Drivers, Vulganizers, Lotto Operators at Mallam Junction

Tension is mounting at Mallam Junction in the Weija Gbawe Constituency of the Greater Accra region as a result of activities of a professed landguard, one Baba Abass, who has styled himself as the Chief of the area. Those at the receiving end of his actions are taxi drivers, vulganizers and lotto operators at the place.

According to information reaching us, Abass has threatened taxi drivers operating at the place that if they should deal with Adam Nana, Chairman of the Local PROTOA, who also doubles as the Seintse of Sakumonaa (Mallam Junction and its environs), he Abass will organize landguards from Weija to come and beat them up by Monday, April 19, 2021.

He has also allegedly threatened lotto operators there to pay him dues or else he will stop them from operating there. Abass is also on record to have threatened a vulganizer, popularly known as ‘Vulgey’ to stop operating at the place. He has organized one Dadiɛ Bour to disorganize the machine with which the vulganizer operates. And when the case was reported to the Police, Dadiɛ Bour bolted with the disorganized parts of the machine when the Police were close at his heels.


Abass is also alleged to have ordered some container operators to place containers indiscriminately at the place, thereby congesting the place. Our information has it that though the Ga West Municipal Assembly has put “Remove” notice on these containers, it has not moved Abass the least as he continued on daily basis adding to the numbers of containers and food vendors.


Possibly swimming and basking in NPP colours, Abass caused to be printed in indelible black colour, “4 More 4 Nana”, an NPP campaign slogan on all buildings of Adam Nana at Mallam Junction.

Also, he is alleged to have locked Adam Nana’s chop and drinking bars at the place with his (Abass’) own padlock, while tying it with white calico, an indication that he has gained ownership of the place; though the case is still pending in court.

Meanwhile, Adam Nana claims that he has been operating at the place for over 20 years now, and that he gave Abass a place to operate his towing car business, which he ironically operates from the pavements in front of the CAITEC Company (a Chinese Company there).


Unable to bear these any longer, the Seintse (Adam Nana) allegedly reported Abass to the Odorkor Divisional Police Command last week. And when the Commander ACP Apenteng arranged for a meeting between the Police and the two feuding factions, Abass allegedly went to the Police station with some papers he claimed to have obtained from court proving his innocence in the ownership of the land at Mallam Junction when date for hearing of the case was not yet even been given yet.

Landguard threatens Drivers, Vulganizers, Lotto Operators at Mallam Junction

What is more, the case pending before court is not even over ownership of land there, but an assault case. And when ACP Apenteng asked Adam Nana to go and operate his bar and station, Abass quickly went to warn and threaten drivers that should they deal with Adam Nana, he will bring down landguards from Weija to come and teach them a lesson by beating them up. Adam Nana claims that Abass closed his place since September 14, 2020.

A situation the drivers claimed Abass had caused them to suffer several times, but they, on all occasions, exercised restraint. All the same, they had failed to report these threats to the Police, especially the recent one, for reasons but known to them.


Last month, Abass allegedly blocked the CAITEC Drive end at Mallam Junction with tyres and dead wood, thus preventing cars, especially tipper trucks from applying that route; and for 2 days that stretch of road kept locked at the behest of Abass.

Once more, Adam Nana allegedly went to the Regional Police Station (Central Police Station) and made a report to the Police. Thereafter, the SWAT team dispatched two (2) teams to arrest Abass. But after he had gained his freedom, he came back doing worse things by blocking the road further.

By S. O. Ankamah










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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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