Lands Minister lies to Parliament again: PERJURY?

Is Samuel Abu Jinapor suggesting that government has no documentation on State Lands acquired in Accra?

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Lands Minister, Samuel Abu Jinapor confirms to Parliament the massive Loot of State Lands in Accra and is trying to now protect his Home Region Lands from similar Loot.

Samuel Abu Jinapor told Parliament that only about 10% of Accra Lands has been digitized making it impossible to speak to the extent of the mismanagement of State Lands by the Lands Commission and government.

State Lands are acquired by Executive Instruments and other documented processes.

Is Samuel Abu Jinapor suggesting that government has no documentation on State Lands acquired in Accra?

The return of all “unused” State Lands particularly in Accra must be guided by Executive Instrument 432 which was signed to release Ashanti Region Lands to the Asantehene in trust for the Subjects of the GOLDEN STOOL and requested all residents to atone tenancy to the Golden Stool and pay Ground Rent which they previously paid to government to the STOOL not the Traditional Council.

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La which owns most Prime Lands in Accra, from Peduase through Adenta, Madina, Legon, Airport to Labone and Cantonments which have been the target of Land Looting by government officials, their family and friends FOREVER deserve a return of the Lands to the La Stool…

Kennedy Agyepong admits to being a victim of the Stephen Ntim State Lands Stealing and Selling Scam during his tenure as head of the Lands Commission.

The first Lady, Mrs. Rebecca Akufo-Addo and other high profile persons have been alleged to be developing the Cantonments Civil Aviation Land, which allegation has been refuted by the Ghana Police Service without disclosing the identities of the thieves Stealing the State Lands acquired for use by the Civil Aviation Authority nor making their findings public.

The Lands Minister, Samuel Abu Jinapor’s claim to have ordered the developers on the Cantonments Civil Aviation Land to stop work is a LIE.

Similar claims by Samuel Abu Jinapor that he wrote to the Defence Minister, Dominic Nititul to stop the military from further construction work at the disputed Kpletso land is also a LIE.

Recall, Samuel Abu Jinapor lied to Parliament early last year that the report on the Kpletso Lands will be made public by June 2021…

SAMUEL ABU JINAPOR MUST TAKE THE MEDIA TO THE CANTONMENTS CIVIL AVIATION LAND AND KPLETSO and make public the reports compiled by his ministry in respect of these State Lands that are being stolen under his watch.

He must elucidate on the 52acres of Prime Airport Hills Lands allocated to a private person, ESI GBEDEMAH, under his watch even after he and the President had publicly indicated they are opposed to such allocations by the Lands Commission.

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Government has refused to retrieve all State Lands fraudulently allocated to former Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo, Yaw Osafo Maafo and many others which list and particulars have been provided to the President, Attorney General and Special Prosecutor…

The Constitution of Ghana requires of government to return all State Acquired Lands whose purpose for acquisition has changed to the Original Land Owners as happened with E.I.432 in respect of Ashanti Lands recently returned to the Golden Stool.

The only reason Samuel Abu Jinapor keeps lying to Parliament and Ghanaians is because high profile personalities including government officials, their family, friends and business associates are the people Stealing the State Lands of Ghana.

Recall, Samuel Abu Jinapor on national television lamented how some powerful people go round on weekends looking for State Lands and Bungalows with little or no activity then come to his office to pressure him to allocate these prime lands to them…

Ghanaians are resolved to be Citizens and not Spectators.

Government must return all Looted and Encroached La Lands to the La Stool;

According to the Executive Secretary of the Lands Commission, the Lands Ministry has signed an agreement with a notorious Landguard Clemence Gyato and Anyok Holdings to reclaim encroached State Lands and be paid with portions of the State Lands which is shared with some government officials.

Samuel Abu Jinapor must speak to the specific issues above and make all documentation public…




By Prince-Derek Adjei

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