Late Mary Aboagye laid to Rest: Husband demands justice

The family of the late Mrs Mary Aboagye, the 38 year old woman allegedly shot dead at Ankaful Junction in the Central Region (CR) by either the Twifo Praso Police patrol team or some suspected robbers, is demanding justice after their relative was laid to rest.

The late Mrs Aboagye met her untimely death on January 10, 2019 when she, together with her husband were on their way to work at around 0630 hours.

Addressing the media about the incident on same day, the Central Regional police commander, DCOP Paul Manly Awini, said a patrol team from Twifo Praso in the Twifo Attimokwa district were pursuing some suspected robbers who were occupying a BMW saloon car with registration number GT 4523 J from Praso and upon reaching Ankaful junction in the Cape Coast Metropolis, after they (suspects) had ignored signals from police officers at post at the numerous barriers on the road and caused damage to their barricades, started firing at the police which the police also returned the fire.

He added, a stray bullet, in the process hit a taxi cab which was caught up between the police and the suspects’ vehicles and Mrs Mary Aboagye who was hit by the bullet lost the life as her husband, Mr Aboagye Okyere-47, also sustained injury from same.

In the process he said, the suspects’ vehicle ran into a ditch and one of them who was with a rifle fell and ran through the bush and the police managed to arrest two of them.

Mr Awini added also that a 15year old Cecilia Mensah who was standing at the roadside looking for vehicle to school was also hit by the bullet and was rushed to hospital and has since been discharged.

It was unclear who’s stray bullet hit the taxi cab which led to the death and injury of the three.
The case was immediately ordered by the Inspector General Police (IGP) to be sent to the national headquarters for investigations.

The deceased, was on Saturday, March 9, 2019, laid to rest at Ankafulfie in the Cape Coast Metropolis amidst tears and yelling from relatives, church members, friends and sympathizers.

In an interview with the surviving husband at funeral ground, he said the Central regional police command had been contacting him since the day of the incident till the funeral week and had been telling him that since the case was no more in their hands, it had been difficult for them to update him on it.

Mr Aboagye added that, “we thank God for keeping us till this day… now that we have laid mother (referring to his late wife) to rest, we are now going to look up to the police to see the kind of report they will bring…….justice is what we want, my brother”.

He added that the national police headquarters had also been contacting him for information about the incident.

Mr Aboagye Okyere, in his tribute to the late wife, described the demise as a blow to him saying, they had lived as happy family for 19years and had both faced the ups and downs in life.

“She came into my life for a purpose and the purpose she has perfectly accomplished. Everywhere I went, I went with her….she would call me ‘Kay’, and I would also respond ‘Kay’ and gives me a sign of which only the two of us understood. She came into my life to used her strengths to complement my weakness that I may be whole…..give mother pesewa, and she would turn it into cedis; give her a room and she would turn it into questions” excerpts of his tribute to his late wife read.

The late Mary Aboagye left behind three children – two girls and a boy.


In view of the developments, there are still lingering questions begging for answers. For example, one would like to know how far has the investigation come? Also, whose gunshot hit the taxi cab that led to the demise of this innocent Ghanaian?

Source: Kojo Ata Kakrah Abrowah || Ahomka FM,

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