Lay-offs imminent at Panbros Salt Company

Managing Director of Panbros Salt Company Limited, Mr Michael Odartey-Wellington is lamenting a drop in production levels of salt from 60,000 to 25,000 metric tonnes.

He attributed the development to the activities of encroachers on the fringes of the Densu Delta Ramsar site, Weija where the salt is mined.

Addressing guests at the company’s premises prior to a tour of the site to mark International Biodiversity Day on Tuesday, Mr Odartey-Wellington feared about 200 workers could go home if production levels failed to improve.
The theme for the Day was ‘Celebrating 25years of Action for Biodiversity.’

The worried MD said inhabitants had built into the company’s catchment area, so that there is no free flow of water.
“When the rains come down, their homes get flooded and the water cuts into our embankments,” he told journalists after the tour.

The site is located within the confines of sea salt producing company Panbros limited, established in the early 1950s.
The salt company which produces high quality natural salt engages between 700 and 1000 workers from surrounding communities.

Over the years, the company has been able to protect the wetlands within our area of operation.
The efforts of the company had greatly contributed to the flourishing of various of various flora and fauna, particularly migratory birds such as the tern, flying ducks, herons and kingfisher.

The birds are a vital part of biodiversity and play a critical role in all ecosystems.

Over the years the wetlands have experienced rapid destruction from encroachers who are destroying the mangroves and also filling up the wetlands for the construction of buildings.

“We have seen a noticeable decline in the migratory birds because of the encroachments,” Mr Odartey-Wellington said.

According to him, the wetlands are unable to hold up overflows from the Lafa stream, thereby flooding the operational area of the company.

Source: Isaac Aidoo || The Finder

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