Leadership means Sacrifice and Ability to absorb pressure

Taking responsibility is always the best leadership choice. Blaming is easy, too easy in fact, but it’s extremely unnecessary, unproductive and detrimental. Productive and creative leader also means taking responsibility.

The doctrine of COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY provides that every member who participate (or supposed to participate) in a decision- making is equally responsible for the consequences of the decision taken; should fully support and abide by the group’s decision – whether or not he or she participated in the decision making process or opposed the decision at the time, otherwise, should resign from the group. It depends on three main pillars – unanimity, confidentiality and the confidence of the institution (party or government).

Members of a party’s central committee take responsibility for the decisions they make. Conventionally, once a decision is made at this forum, all members must support and defend that decision in public. Collectivity is fundamental in any political party. Instead of deflecting, members must take responsibility for their group’s decision. If their decision creates problems, all must take responsibility for fixing the problem and wrestle it to the ground. Instead of spreading blame or, inciting the public against a particular member. Own and address the issue.

You have to be extremely tough minded on all issues as a leader and it applies even more so in times of crisis or upheaval. The more challenging the situation, and the higher the stake, the more urgent it is that you behave in a trustworthy way. You don’t quickly deflect or find scapegoats when decisions taken by your group causes public anger. Every member of the committee must ask critical questions and face the brutal facts of what created the situation to begin with.

Playing the “Don’t blame me” game in intraparty politics and always holding views that are at variance or contradictory to the committee’s or party’s position is unacceptable. Whichever you look at it, this debate cannot be divorced from the role and importance of the doctrine of inner party democracy in the consolidation of unity within the leadership and the rank and file of any party or government. Inner party democracy, and allow members to freely express their positions on issues without hurting the party’s engine is the glue that holds together any party and oils its cohesion. The major prescriptions of inner party democracy include transparency, accountability, inclusion of divergent views and strengthening of the collective decision.

A leader of a political party must always be protected from unnecessary attacks from within and outside. He is on the driver seat, not on the passenger seat so always needs peace of mind and support to drive passengers safely to their destinations. Taking pressure and “blames” on behalf of the leader strengthens him and gives him the Comfort and energy he needs to operate.

Today, we continue to live in a culture where people remain motivated to avoid appearing blameworthy and quickly point their fingers at anyone but themselves when something goes wrong. Others shift blame to undermine others and for their whatever convenience.

A leader must Give up to Go up. Many of our political leaders and front liners want to climb the corporate ladder, hoping that freedom and power wait at the top. They don’t realise that leadership really requires sacrifice.

Those who want to rise must do more than always wanting to be seen as angels while inciting people against the very people they must protect. Leadership demands constant sacrifice. It is an ongoing process, not just infectious smiles and eye-catching public shows. How was Moses able to give up so much and make such great sacrifices without growing bitter or resentful towards God? And what made him willing to return to Egypt as God’s servant after he had enjoyed the best the country can offer? A quick look at Moses’ life shows how God molded him into an effective leader.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow 

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