Leaked Video: Ghana’s National Security Minister under Pressure to Resign

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Pressure is mounting on Ghana’s National Security Minister Albert Kan Dapaah to resign after he was captured in a leaked video spending some romantic moments with his supposed mistress.

The lady who does not show her face instructed the minister to show his face and the pyjamas he was wearing.

“Are you going to miss me when you’re on the flight?” the lady asked the minister, to which he replied: “Of course!”

The lady, who would not show her face, then asked the minister what he was wearing and asked to see it.

“I want to see your pyjamas; I want to see the front, the back; like the way you did it yesterday”, she demanded.

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“Turn around let me see it, is it trousers or shorts, raise your legs; nice, wow, what brand is that, it’s nice, you have good taste, yeah”, she said.

He then said: “I wish I can hug you like that day and it was so nice; it put me to sleep immediately”.

“The last time you did, didn’t it put me to sleep?” he asked the lady.

“It did, it put you to sleep”, she affirmed.

The minister then said: “I’m going to the bath now to have a bath with you; we’re going to bath together”.

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The lady then refers to Mr Kan-Dapaah as “babes” and said I love you.



The leaked video has triggered various reactions from Ghanaians with some calling on the minister to resign.

Security expert Adam Bonaa said the minister must have exercised better judgment.

He told Accra-based Starr FM that the development is disturbing.

“As far as I’m concerned it is despicable. If he wasn’t a national security minister, it won’t have been much but because he is a National security minister this is unacceptable.

If I were him, it would have been prudent to resign by now. It’s taking too long, we haven’t heard anything.”

The Executive Director of the Centre for Human Security and Peace Building, Adib Saani also called for the head of Kan Dapaah.

He said “for him to get embroiled in such a reckless act and exercising such poor judgment speaks a lot about how messy a Kan Dapaah-led National Security.”

Nat G. Tetteh??@NatTettehGhana

I see nothing wrong with 2 adults having intimate conversations over the phone. But, as National Security Minister, Hon Kan Dapaah should have known better. I hope he does better next time. Big lesson to all ‘big men’.

We all are not perfect so if you blast him a little, 3y3…

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Ekow Briandt@EkowBriandt

I pray Kan Dapaah takes her on. Recording such a private intimate chat is highly unacceptable and against the law. Should be a test case for society.

Whoever this lady is, she is the most dumbest woman on earth. How could you ?

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