Lebanese Ambassador lauds Ghanaians

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-They are a Peaceful lot, he declares

The Lebanese Ambassador to Ghana, His Excellency Ali Karzan, has lauded the peaceful nature of Ghanaians in general, describing them as people full of respect for each other, and with the right mentality.

He noted that this peaceful nature has culminated in a peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims thereby making Ghana a safe region not only in West Africa, but the whole of the African continent.

“They don’t jump into conclusion on religious issues and matters of righteousness. As such, there is mutual respect between the two major sects in the country,” he pointed out.

Karzan made these pronouncements in an interview with ghananewsonline.com.gh during the recently held Ed-fitir celebrations at his residence.

The Ambassador indicated that fasting in Islam is the same as the one in Christianity, pointing out that it is a time of chastity between one and his creator. Subsequently one should abstain from all vices not only during fasting period, but also after that and also keep good relationship with one’s fellow human beings for a better coexistence. This way, wars and conflicts are avoided to a great extent.

He noted that there is more to fasting than just refraining from food and that these tenets are also found in Lebanon.

Subsequently, he said haven found those traits here in Ghana makes him admire Ghanaians so much. The Ambassador pointed out that ordinarily the rich cannot dine with the poor. However, during Edi-firtir both the rich and the poor dine together, a situation which pleases God greatly, and that it should not end there.

On his expectation after the Ramadan, Ambassador Karzan said he expects a better celebration and mutual relationship between Ghana and Lebanon in the coming years.

He took the opportunity to charge Lebanese living in Ghana to be law-abiding and refrain from acts that can mar the good relationship of the two countries. They should continue to work hard as they have been doing.

The Ambassador noted that Ghanaians by nature have led a peaceful life and have been law abiding. That is why the place has been that secure. He therefore could not imagine how foreigners here should behave contrary.

Touching a bit on the government’s performance, he noted that so far the government is doing well. However, there is room for improvement in sector such as infrastructure and the provision of medical care to reach all and not only the rich. Also government should do more on education and improve the economy.

He was however quick to point out that Ghanaians like acquiring knowledge, indicating that his visit to the University of Ghana, Legon recently attested to that fact, as there were teaming youth who were acquiring knowledge all over the place.

The Ambassador, who has been in the country for barely six (6) months said on his way back home, he could not find his way that easily. However, when he inquired he was readily assisted by a woman. A situation he stated indicating how helpful and tolerant the Ghanaian is. He is also impressed about the clean Ghanaian environment and the law abiding nature of the Ghanaian “They have no problem with wearing the seat belt for example,” he said jovially.

Source: S. O. Ankamah and Kwadwo Baffour


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