“I cannot live in Harmony with Criminals” – Martin Amidu

Days after stirring political waves with his resignation as the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, continues to lead the dialogue on the message for Elections 2020. One such example of conversation is a video that has gained currency and gone viral on social media. Though the video was captured during his vetting by the Parliamentary Appointment Committee, the contents are poignant with virility in the message.

To a question on whether he could live in harmony with other people in society as encapsulated in Article 41, Martin Amidu issued a witty response which drew chuckles from the public gallery. His response is relevant today just as it was on that same day.

He said, “I have lived in harmony with decent people in harmony for 66 years.” Adding, he said, “I cannot live in harmony with criminals. That, I won’t lie. But decent, respectable people would not ask you to do this and then stab you in the back. Those are three things. I can’t live with them. But decent people, I would live with them.”

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To recap, Martin Amidu rode on a wave of disgruntled effusions to public prominence with his critical comments against the government of President John Dramani Mahama, at the time. In a series of publications labeled as epistles, he lurched scathing attacks on the government of PresidentJohnDramaniMahama. But he has since retracted and apologized against those statements when he faced the Parliamentary Appointment Committee after he failed to adduce evidence to back his claims in those statements.

In their delusional relish, the NPP named him as the Citizen Vigilante; solely to goad him along the adventure of causing disaffection for the Mahama government. Thus, it wasn’t difficult to fathom the taunt in his appointment as the Special Prosecutor by his political rivals, the Akufo-Addo government. That also explains the pain nursed in bruises and deep hurt by the Akufo-Addo government when the tables turned.

Martin Amidu didn’t only release factual statements contained in his corruption risk assessment report of the Agyapa Royalties deal, but it didn’t differ in the opinion contained in a memo from the Attorney-General ‘s office, government’s legal advisor. This release of the risk assessment report on Agyapa Royalties deal has crowned the Akufo-Addo government as corrupt as never before, in the history of Ghana.

"I cannot live in Harmony with Criminals" - Martin Amidu
“I cannot live in Harmony with Criminals” – Martin Amidu

It is within this context that the statement Martin Amidu made to the Parliamentary Appointment Committee on his vetting is linked to his resignation. He resigned because he couldn’t live in harmony with criminals. Further comments emanating from the response by the government are enough evidence to credit Martin Amidu. Akufo-Addo has lost the fight against corruption.

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