Love Without Expectation – Prophet T.B. Joshua

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“When we love without expectation – I mean, when we show love without expecting it to be returned from the person we have shown love to, our love is being sown to the Spirit. To sow love to the Spirit is to honour God in our acts – in total humility and submission to His will.

Love without expectation earns us the love of our Heavenly Father. When you sow the love of God, you reap the love of God. We need to develop faith in this spiritual law. Love without expectation says, ‘Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you and you will receive the blessings of your Father in Heaven.’

Expectation of certain behaviours from relatives, loved ones and friends set us up for offence. Take for instance, I expect you to greet me because of help I rendered or my superiority in age or position and you ignore me. This is a major root of offence.

We often get disappointed and offended when our expectations are not met. Cut down on your expectations from people before you set yourself up for offence.

We are often shocked, confused and surprised when offended as if we are the only one wronged, as if no one else has ever been wronged. Yet Jesus made it abundantly clear that it is impossible to live this life and not have the opportunity to be offended – it is impossible that no offence should come. It is not a question of opportunity to be offended but what your response will be.

Often, the response we exhibit leave us vulnerable to a root of bitterness, envy, jealousy, anger, strife, outrage and resentment. We must therefore be ready, prepared and strongly armed for offenses because our response determines our future. When you are hurt, deeply hurt, your response determines your future.

Offence is very common – I mean, epidemic, rampant, unavoidable, happens everywhere – we have almost come to believe that it is a way of life. Due to lack of real love, offence comes. Love forgets wrongs so that there is hope for the future.”

-Prophet T.B. Joshua

Source: Watched TB Joshua

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