Mahama an unrivalled Achiever Coming back to accomplish the Agenda


The epoch- making achievements of former President Mahama are tangible across the country. There is no gain-saying the fact that Mahama is an unrivalled achiever and he deserves to lead the NDC in the 2020 election, contrary to the cynicism of some doubting Thomas. Giving Mahama another mandate in 2020 is voting for the sustenance of his laudable programmes and policies.

I read an article purported to have been authored by an NDC supporters about the coming of John Mahama in 2020, and its effect. All the points the author raised to support his assertion are baseless, unscientific, and dangerous to the party’s 2020 agenda. We are free to express our views and that culture should be encouraged in all the parties. But that freedom just like all freedoms, must end somewhere. The party must come first in all deliberations and discussions. It is only the cynics who still think the NDC is in a state of shock and grief. What we witnessing with regard to party post – defeat recovery and reorganisation is unprecedented. The writer described our abysmal performance at the constituencies (parliamentary) as unprecedented? He or she should go over the 2000 results of the NDC, and the 2008 of the Npp. I added that of the Npp for him or her to understand how incumbents suffer heavy defeats at the constituencies and may be later show why they suffer this ordeal. I will not waste my time on attribution of the defeat to financial of a selected few because that falsehood can have serious consequences on the party’s fortunes if we give it oxygen.

On his/ her corruption issue, the writer should have provided concrete evidence to support his claim. We hear of corruption allegations against NDC former appointees everyday, we hear how some pro Npp media houses trial these appointees on their platforms based on propaganda information furnished them by the Npp. We heard how the pro Npp media houses handled the SSNIT software issue on their platforms and how they struggled to push persons like Prof Alabi, Ernest Thomson among others, into their corruption hole. We heard about the case of Dr Opuni, the NCA bosses etc. I am yet to be told that Mahama frequently visited these agencies and was part of their decision making team. But the common phrase we hear is “John Mahama appointees”. When the Npp took over in 2001, we heard all kinds of allegations from corruption to murder to whatever. Some appointees were arraigned before the court, and ended up in prisons. The Npp made their intentions clear through that famous statement by J.H Mensah “by the time we finish with them, there will be nothing like NDC”. They got the needed space for their persecution because some NDC stalwarts began behaving same way we witnessing today. Some said goodbye to politics, others began preaching political theology, others started dinning with the Npp guys, others wanted Prof out etc. What didn’t they say about Rawlings and his administration, what lies did they not tell about Rawlings and his administration extending their propaganda to the PNDC days. Those who claim know the author better check from him or her again to authenticate the authorship. I don’t think a true NDC supporter or even a sympathiser will write what he wrote in his POINT 4. If what he wrote in point 4 is his or position, then he she must as well advise whoever is his or her choice not to contest Nana Addo. I hold that assertion because the writer doesn’t need T.B Joshua to tell him that John Mahama is the most sellable commodity in the NDC today. Who told the writer that the Npp guys are so naive to the extent that they will throw away all cases and bury their evil plans if Mahama decides not to contest. Where from that childish assertion. What has his statesman status got to do with his second coming ( that’s if he decides to contest). The man should sleep on his fantastic leadership skill just because he has become an international icon? Why do football teams spend millions of dollars to get world class players into their teams. Why is the writer not looking beyond the NDC? why is he or she not looking what Ghana can benefit from his international image. The crowd that meet John Mahama wherever he goes answers his last point (Point 6). The goodwill and rating of Akufo-Addo and his administration have just after one year- five months unprecedented in our political history because of the standard they inherited. Ghanaians have started calling for their exit because of what they witnessed under John Mahama.

As the day of the Party’s internal election (Presidential) approaches, tension continue to pervade the polity. Vitriol pours into the air the actors and everyday even greater quantities of propaganda released. Rather than limiting the vtriols to the inner circle, the gladiators are shifting their focus outside throwing out all kinds of dangerous missiles. Timing is everything as they say. When assessing your decision, you have to figure out whether your action plan needs to be put into effect now or whether it can wait. Priorities speak to importance and working toward longterm or strategic goals happens in incremental steps. Keeping an eye on the longterm helps you avoid missing opportunities to adapt quickly. This what we missing in our internal game. We must always consider the ramifications or implications of our decisions and actions.

We all know the effect of negative campaign on voter opinion and we saw how the lies and promises of the Npp shrank and polarised the electorates. Did the writer consider these fake promises affected the NDC in the 2016 election? How many constituencies will reject one million dollar, the dams, the chocolates, the factories, salary increase, low tarrif, drastic reduction of fuel price, money into our pockets, free education (form one to three), restoration of allowance, free port etc. Incumbents always suffer these challenges because, they cannot promise these lies when they know the actual strength of the economy. President Mahama could have also promised heaven but that is not what NDC represents.

Today NDC supporters after going through that painful post defeat trauma, are walking on the streets of Ghana chest high because of achievements recorded under the Mahama administration. Pro Npp media propagandists are finding it difficult defending this super incompetent government because of the standard set by the Mahama government and Ghanaians are craving for Mahama’s return because of his achievements vis-a-vis what they witnessing under this super incompetent administration. These defeat the six points raised in the authors article. And he or she should ask his/her soul if the myjoyonline, ghanaweb etc would have published the article if it was about the NDC winning the 2020 elections. The pro Npp radio stations, newspapers and online portals are waiting for such divisive and dangerous articles from NDC supporters to bury the party before 2020.

After the 2016 defeat, whilst we were mourning, some renowned world leaders and heads of some multinational agencies commended John Mahama and predicted his second coming. That is what we must focus our minds on whilst we work on the negatives in the party. There are issues we must discuss as a party to avoid their repetition. Issues such as election of our candidates (parliamentary), clashes between MMDCES and incumbent MPs, distribution of resources from the branches to national, grassroots agitations, party and government coordination etc. Those are the critical issues we must discuss. I don’t think Mahama imposed his preferred candidates on the constituencies. People focused on their personal interests without considering the consequences of their decisions on the party. Hardworking MPS were removed by people who are not popular in their constituencies etc. All these negative developments affected us at the base. What was the relationship between the grassroots and party bigwigs? These are issues we can resolve easily if we bury our differences and focus on the bigger picture. The NPP has started instigating serious and well coordinated social media propaganda warfare and spending the taxpayer’s money on sponsoring these propaganda incursions. This is not the time for long thesis targeted at our own. Let’s put the past behind us and focus on the ultimate

By Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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