Man, 65, Defiles Girl, 14, Attempts Abortion on her

The protection of children from all forms of violence is a fundamental right enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The UN  (SDG 16.2) in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is to end all forms of violence against children gives renewed impetus towards the realization of the right of every child to live free from fear, neglect, abuse and exploitation.

According to a United Nations report, One billion children globally experience some form of emotional, physical or sexual violence every year.

At epidemic proportions, violence against children often remains hidden and socially condoned of which Ghana is not exception.

In Ghana the offence of defilement is defined under section 101 of the Criminal Offenses Act, 1960 (Act 29), as the natural or unnatural carnal knowledge of any child less than sixteen years of age.Therefore Ghana’s statutory rape law is violated when an individual has consensual sexual contact with a person under age 16.

In a community called Akweteman in Accra, a number girls suffer all forms abuse with sexual abuse being one of the topmost.

This year lone, our checks indicated that not less than eight girls have been sexually abused either by their peers or adults. Some of whom are left to either drop out of school as a result, or are pushed into marriages unconsenting.

In lieu of this, Our reporter Godwin Aloriwe risked it going in search of perpertrated of such crimes, and has filed this report-

The sixty-five years old  Manson, and a father of seven defiled and impregnated a fourteen years old First year Junior High school Girl at Akweiteman.

According to the fourteen years orphan whose name is withheld for security reasons, and for the purpose of this publication, shall be called Mavis, says she got pregnant as a result of multiple sex she had with the man she called Mr. Benjamin Asare (The 65 years old man).

Speaking to reporter, Mavis said shame and the unbearable questioning she envisages has made her thought of shortening  her life.

“My education has come to an end because I have no parent to take care of me when i put to birth. Even my education has ended.” she laments.

Mavis narrating her ordeal to investigative journalist Godwin Wepeba  Aloriweh, she said the 65 years old Mr Asare  first started giving her gifts of clothes, food and money showing desire to help take care of her(Mavis). An act which made her trusted and believed in him more.

The act however took a different dimension from a mere support to sexual demands as Mr Asare who lives in Akweteman, a suburb of Accra invited her (The 14 years orphan) to his house one hot afternoon.

According to Mavis, also a resident  of Akweteman, when she went to Mr Asare’s house upon his invitation, he brought out a laptop and asked her to help him type something on the laptop. She told him she had no knowledge in the use of computers.

Sadly, it started raining in the process where the 65 years old man invited her to join him in his bedroom.


In the bedroom according to Mavis,  Mr Asare started sexual advances towards her where she told him she was afraid she would get pregnant but had to succumb upon several forceful attempts she was subjected to by Mr Asare. “Mr Asare again assured me that I will not get pregnant.” She revealed


According to Mavis their first sexual encounter was in November 2019 and had continued till the first of May 2020 being the last time he had sex with her. “He always gave me GHC 20 after each sexual act”. She confessed to Godwin Wepeba Aloriweh.

She said  anytime the man wanted to have sex with her, he called her to come for money. And when she went, Mr Asare had sex with her before giving her GHC 20.

She said “the last time he had sex with me, he called me to come to his house for cloths and when I went, he had sex with me before giving me the clothes”.


Mavis who is now four Months pregnant said when she told Mr Asare she had taken seed, he first denied responsibility.

However when she confided in her pastor, the Pastor called Mr Asare and asked him. Then he accepted responsibility but asked  her to abort the pregnancy.


Benjamin Asare, whom we gathered has spent a significant years of his life overseas, is a single father with seven children of which three are living with him and are far older than the now 14 years defiled pregnant victim Mavis.

He was not friendly and would not allow anyone into his house when he sensed that it was about the issue he had denied responsibility of. A Pastor in the community and another woman who acted as family members of the Mavis went with me (Reporter) to get the information with me posing as a family member..


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The questioning then started by the Pastor. According to Mavis, having desire to continue her education, she told people who contacted a nurse at the 37 military hospital to help her abort the pregnancy. But the said nurse told her abortion could not be possible because the baby has grown and her age would also make it very dangerous.

Stay tuned on as we follow up on this  story to bring you latest  developments. is calling on law enforcement agencies, NGOs in child rights positions to help seek justice for the poor Mavis.

Source: Godwin Wepeba Aloriwe ||

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