Manasseh Azuri worries about Military Takeover police duties

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He writes;

Two years ago, I asked the Defence Minister about state officials whom the military were supposed to provide security to. He said the President, Vice President and the Defence Minister were supposed to be protected by the military.

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All other ministers, deputies, and public officials, he said, were to be protected by the police.

In the current debate, I’m not sure anybody is saying the EC Chairperson should not be given security. Just like Charlotte Osei, she has had her fair share of the insults and threats. So she should be given protection.

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The simple question I’m asking is whether our police, with its specialist units such as the SWAT and FPU, don’t have the capacity to provide security for the EC Chair.

And the issue is not only about the EC Chair.

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We saw armed soldiers in parliament on January 6 into January 7. We see armed soldiers at galamsey sites that are operated by Chinese.

Manasseh Azuri worries about Military Takeover police duties
Manasseh Azuri worries about Military Takeover police duties

We see soldiers providing security for deputy ministers. We recently saw a soldier providing security for a private lawyer. We see armed soldiers at demolition sites. The list is endless.

The soldiers can be called to assist the other security agencies in special operations and even NADMO during disasters.

But when the soldiers are now going to be doing the routine duties of the police, some of which are degrading, then we should be worried.


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