Mass Failure of Law Students: Blame Social Media, not GLC – Ampaw

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has attributed the mass failure of law students to excessive usage of social media, adding that the Ghana Legal Counsel (GLC) should not be blamed.

Broadcast Ghana has it that 93 percent of the students who sat for the law entrance exams failed. As a result, prominent persons notably the former President Jerry John Rawlings has taken a swipe at blaming the Ghana Legal Counsel.

Mr. Rawlings whose daughter was a victim of the massive failure criticized strongly the Ghana Legal Counsel and what many described as an act of crude pruning of law students.  He reacted to the incident in an interaction with the executives of the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA) on Thursday.

Rawlings said: “Ninety-three percent failure and you [GLC] think you can get away with blaming the students? You don’t blame the establishment, the institution? Rawlings fumed.

The former President also condemned the act of the Security Agencies for brutalizing some students during their demonstration.

Also, responding to the reaction of the former president, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw vehemently attacks Mr. Jerry Jonh Rawlings for what he termed as an unfair critic, having apportioned blames to the Ghana Legal Counsel.

The outspoken lawyer said: ”Most of the students because of social media they don’t learn… look at the time they sleep… most of them don’t learn because of broken heart; some are married and don’t get time to learn, most of them are commercially stressed so they can’t learn… most of them are doing the courses part-time and learning is difficult for them,”

In furtherance, he angrily added, “Rawlings should shut up… Yes, Rawlings should shut up for attacking the Ghana Legal Council… he is being unfair to them, he is making serious allegations against them that they should be held responsible and then the failure of the students is a fraud being committed against the students… my brother, leave the Ghana Legal Council and the Chief Justice alone… nobody can intimidate the Ghana Legal council and the Chief Justice.”

Also, commenting on the demonstration the  National Association of Law Students embarked, the lawyer said if he was the head of the Ghana Legal Counsel he would have disqualified all the students.

Source: Broadcast Ghana

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