Mavis Hawa Koomson’s actions motivates Political Vigilantism, she must be fired immediately – CCASPV

The Coalition of Civil Societies Against Political Vigilantism (CCSAPV) wish to call on President Akuffo Addo to dismiss the minister for government’s special initiatives, Hon Mavis Hawa Koomson without further delay.

CCSAPV came across a video making the rounds on social media in which the minister is seen firing gun shots indiscriminately. In similar videos on the traditional and social media, special reference to Adom TV news, the minister was heard admitted she fired the shots. Indeed she justified her bizarre actions stating that, she fired the gun to scare off a gang of motor riders that were hovering around a registration centre. She actually admitted that, her aim was achieved since the supposed gang immediately deserted the premises.

CCSAPV viewed the actions of the minister as undiplomatic and embarrassing. Not only does her actions create the tendency of igniting riots, but capable of endangering lives and motivates the actions of political vigilante groups . Clearly, if the supposed gang were indeed armed and posed danger as the minister wants us to believe, they would have responded the minister’s gun shots in equal measure. The immediate vacation of the supposed gang from the vicinity raises questions on the minister’s assertions.

Ghana has over the years prided ourselves as the beacon of democracy in Africa. However, the actions of the minister has brought shame and ridicule on Ghana in the face of the international community which has the potency of damaging our much touted records.

CCSAPV wish to use this medium to strongly call on the President of Ghana to as a matter of urgency dismiss the minister with immediate effect. We believe her dismissal will generally forestall discipline and demotivate vigilante groups from emulating such barbaric act. It will also to a large extend send strong signal to persons holding such positions that, their actions and activities will be held accountable.


Eben Kwaku Fenuku

Ag. Chairman



David Addo Kumi

Head of Research & Development


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