MiDA Boss ‘too stinky’ in PDS deal and must resign – Economist

An economist is calling for the resignation of the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) CEO over a clear conflict of interest in the Power Distribution Services (PDS) take-over of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) under the Millennium Challenge Corporation power sector compact.

Dr H. Kwame Afaglo, economist and lecturer at Hams Technology Institute has said Martin Eson-Benjamin is in a tri-position as the CEO of MiDA, a Director of Enterprise Insurance and speculated a Director of PDS. With all these three entities having a major in the PDS/ECG deal, it is clear Martin Eson-Benjamin have conflicted his role as MiDA boss.

MiDA is the authority mandated by an act of parliament to manage, oversee and implement the programmes of Millennium Challenge Account, Enterprise Insurance is the new insurance company for PDS/ECG after it was changed from SIC Insurance during the course of the arrangement for the take-over of ECG by PDS and PDS is the joint venture compromising the concessionaire winner (Meralco 49%) and the Ghanaian local partners controlling 51% stake in ECG assets.

“Martin Eson-Benjamin is deep neck involved in Conflict of Interest and suspected insider trading of which both are unethical”, Dr Afaglo has said. He indicated that a simple web search of the name Martin Eson-Benjamin, it pops up that he is the interim CEO of MiDA, a Director of Enterprise Insurance and speculated registered Director of PDS.

He explained why Martin Eson-Benjamin resign on grounds of conflict of interest.

“As of today 7 August 2019 it is globally known information that PDS’ take-over of ECG as the private electricity distributor in Ghana has been suspended.

“Unfortunately, the MiDA CEO that awarded a supposedly open tender for the take-over of ECG by PDS is the same person called Martin Eson-Benjamin, who is the CEO of MiDA and speculated a Director of PDS, and in a tri-position as a Director of Enterprise Insurance that is related to the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta who is a key government of Ghana stakeholder.

“Simply put, Mr. Martin Eson-Benjamin must resign and keep his integrity intact as he has a rich experience in senior managerial role behind him in various business entities.

“Resign Martin Eson-Benjamin on grounds of conflict of interest and suspected insider trading of a tendering the ECG-PDS tender.”

Source: Adnan Adams Mohammed

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