MILITARY MADNESS: Need For Mindset Change @66


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Military personnel who commit crimes outside their barracks must be subject to the Civil Laws of Ghana and the prosecution made public to serve as deterrent to others.

In the wake of the 7th March, 2023 Ashiaman Military Terrorism which included the Kidnapping and Torture of unarmed Ghanaian citizens;

Government must officially acknowledge the Kpletso Shooting and Assault by armed men in Ghana Army uniforms on 15th April, 2021 and initiate the prosecution of those who sanctioned that Military Landguard Operation whose object was to steal prime La Stool Lands near Burma Camp.

The 7th January, 2021 invasion of the Chamber of Parliament by the Military must be thoroughly investigated by the police and the culprits punished in accordance with the laws of Ghana. …

The 1st July, 2021 beating spree on the streets of Wa by mutineering uniformed soldiers because a soldier’s phone had allegedly been stolen must also be investigated by the police and the culprits punished in accordance with the laws of Ghana.

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The recent Bawku Massacre must be investigated by the police and the culprits punished in accordance with the laws of Ghana.

Military barracks must be relocated outside of populated areas;


All joint Police-Military operations must be stopped…

The Ghana Police Service in accordance with Article 300 of the Constitution of Ghana must be appropriately equipped and staffed to effectively perform their Constitutional duties of policing without the Military.

The Military must focus on its core duty of defending the territory of Ghana from external aggression including the infiltration of insurgents.

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If elements of the Ghana Armed Forces are encouraged by the President, his Ministers and the Military High Command to continue with the impunity being displayed and the callousness towards civilian lives;

WHILES THE MEDIA AND CIVIL SOCIETY LOOK ON and tacitly encourage the Military impunity;

it will not be long before some rogue elements of the Military

…hiding behind the excruciating economic hardships Ghanaians are suffering repeat events of 66, 72, 79 & 81.

Ghanaians must be resolved to be Citizens and not Spectators.

Ghanaians must rise to the Defence of the Constitution and never allow its overthrow, in part or whole…

Ghanaians must stand up and demand justice for all victims of military brutalities…

Compensations for such victims must not be paid by the State but surcharged to those who carried out the brutalities and those who sanctioned such Military brutalities.


By Prince-Derek Adjei

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