MoE, Plan Int. dialogue on Girl Child empowerment in TVET

The Ministry of Education (MoE) in collaboration with Plan International has held a day’s stakeholder engagement dialogue on how to increase Girl child participation in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programme.

The dialogue involved the participation of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), Parents and Guardians, Students and Public Institutions. It was on the theme “Empowering the Girl Child, the Role of TVET”

Addressing the media, a Deputy Minister of Education in charge of TVET who is also the Member of Parliament for the Cape Coast North constituency, Barbara Asher Ayisi, lamented the saddled nature of poor perceptions of Africans against TVET programmes. She also mentioned how to address such issues in society.

She hinted, the government has taken an initiative to educate and sensitize the public on such issues, and that TVET does not directly open the door for drop out students, as perceived generally in the minds of the public. She said it is about talents and skillful as well.

“TVET is for people who are very talented and skillful and with creative and innovative ideas and not for drop-out students.” she echoed.

She cited a number of graduates under the TVET programme who are Pilots, Fashion designers, makeup artist and so on and are successfully and gainfully employed, adding that the ministry’s efforts to organize a package for those individuals to share their success stories to the public.

“We have a package that would be telecasted on the television for those individuals to come and tell their success stories soon,” she noted.

She explained that there are no adequate laws backing the TVET programme, hence, the slowness in its implementation. According to her, the government is facilitating the passage of the Bill in the next meeting of Parliament to give way for a properly structured system.

She advised the youth to desist from focusing on white-color jobs which are nonexistence, rather they should be versatile in all areas. She again urged every graduate to learn a skill which would enable them to become entrepreneurs in the future.

“I urge all the youth, even graduates to learn a skill and become entrepreneurs and stop focusing on white-color jobs that are nonexistent,” she said.

The country Director of Plan International, Solomon Tesfamariam, called on Parents and Guardians to ensure Girl child enrollment in TVET is fundamental and adequate.

He said, the organization is working closely with the government to ensure more girls, who are most disadvantaged in society get the necessary support in the TVET.

Solomon Tesfamariam also advised the youth especially, girls to take advantage of the TVET programme to develop their minds and abilities through training and become creative and innovative for the national development.

Source: Nii Aflah Sackey

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