Money for Schools Perishable Items Shoot Up

Minister for Education, Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh, has authorized an increase in the percentage of money released to schools to cover perishable items from 20% to 30%,, has reliably gathered.

The increase is expected to relieve the schools in the country of the pressure of spending on some specific needs of the schools. The management of Ghana Education Service (GES) per the information says the principles underlying the concept of supply of food items by the Ghana Buffer Stock Company Limited remains the same.

It adds that is working hard to ensure that the challenges identified with the system are addressed. Speaking at a news conference at Aburi in the Eastern region, Professor Kwesi Opoku-Amankwa, the Director –General of GES said the management of GES has also taken note of the issues which had come up with regard to feeding and is in the process of reviewing the menu for the schools.

The Food Committee made up of all significant stakeholders in the system according to him are studying proposals management has submitted to it and it expected that by the time the Form one students re-open, concrete decisions would have been taken on the matter.

On textbooks, the Director –General of GES said adequate number of text books had been made available to all schools for use by all students. He said “if there is any school that does not have adequate supply of books of the four core subjects, such a school should draw the attention of their respective Regional Directors through their District Directors for attention.”

Commenting on the replacement of defaced or misplaced textbooks supplied to students, he said, management has issued a directive on how these should be handled and that parents and guardians would be expected to replace all such defaced and misplaced textbooks. Professor Kwesi Opoku-Amankwa however said students who have either defaced or misplaced textbooks should not be denied the textbooks for the next class.

With regard to standardized prospectus, the Director –General of GES stated that last year, together with Regional Directors and Heads of Schools they agreed on a standardized prospectus for first year students. He said it is expected that those standards would guide this year’s admissions as well.

Professor Kwesi Opoku-Amankwa encouraged all Heads of schools and all other school managers to adopt the standardized prospectus.  Touching on SHS school uniforms, he said, schools would continue to supply uniforms to first year students. Each student according to him would be entitled to two school uniforms, which shall be managed as was done last year without any change.

With regards to school cloth, he said, school would continue to supply all students. Government, he added, through the Ministry of Education has entered into arrangement with Akosombo textiles limited to supply the materials for the school cloth to dressmakers of the schools.

Source: Adovor Nutifafa

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