Moroccan King, President Ali Bongo holds talks as Morocco donates fertilizers to Gabonese farmers

During their meeting, His Majesty the King and the Gabonese President reviewed the state of the bilateral partnership in all fields.

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His Majesty King Mohammed VI held on Wednesday at the Presidential Palace in Libreville, a meeting with His Excellency Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of the Gabonese Republic. This shows the interest of the two Heads of State in consolidating their strategic partnership, based on historical fraternal relations, established by the late His Majesty King Hassan II and the late President Omar Bongo Ondimba.

The meeting, which was subsequently extended to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Resident Abroad, Mr. Nasser Bourita, the Minister Delegate to the Gabonese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Yolande Nyonda, and the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic of Gabon, Mr. Jean-Yves Teale, was an opportunity to underscore the importance of the deep, rich and solidly rooted relations between Morocco and Gabon, as well as the strong bonds of brotherhood and solidarity between the two peoples.

During their meeting, His Majesty the King and the Gabonese President reviewed the state of the bilateral partnership in all fields.
Subsequently, His Majesty King Mohammed VI proceeded, in the presence of the President of the Gabonese Republic, to hand over a donation of 2,000 tons of fertilizers, adapted to the soils of Gabon, within the framework of an environmental approach, based on the identification of the needs in nutrients in order to avoid any intensive use which could be harmful.

This grant is a testimony of HM the KING’s firm commitment to contribute to the achievement of the First and Second UN Development Goals for the African continent by 2030. It is also an effective contribution to the objective set by the AU to increase the use of fertilizers from 8kg per hectare to 50kg per hectare.
In accordance with the Royal Instructions, following this operation, a structural action will be undertaken with the objective of allowing farmers in this brotherly country access to the high quality of fertilizers, affordable and specifically adapted to the needs of the soils and crops of the region.

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This action of solidarity is part of the Kingdom of Morocco’s concern for Gabonese farmers, especially in the current context, marked by the global food crisis and difficulties in supplying fertilizers.

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The action of His Majesty the King confirms the depth and richness of the strategic, close and fraternal links between the two countries and constitutes an example of inter-African cooperation based on the values of solidarity, exchange and sharing.

This donation is at the very heart of this Royal strategy, which has always been concerned with the well-being of African populations, within the framework of an authentically united vision of co-development, which contrasts with the predation of those who persist in confining Africa as a preserve or backyard.

It is worth noting that the multiform projection of the Royal strategy in Africa concerns food security, sustainable development, the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises, mediation for conflict resolution, and the reception of migrants and refugees, as well as the maintenance and consolidation of peace in the continent.

It is this kind of genuine and synergistic action of the Kingdom of Morocco in the African continent that has attracted unprecedented relentlessness from certain parties, such as the hostile activism of the European Parliament, and the ongoing attacks against Morocco by certain parties.

The outdated approach of “chasse gardée” and “geostrategic rent” is increasingly decried across the African continent.

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