Movie Producer Projects Sefwi through Cinema

The producer for Agyeboat Movie Ventures, Kwadwo Boah, has indicated that it is his aim to project Sefwi Language and culture through cinema, hence his involvement in cinema production.

He maintains that since Sefwi is an integral part of Ghana, he is bent on bringing out Sefwi Language and culture for all to see that Sefwi has a rich language and culture that cannot be swept under the carpet.

According to him, Sefwi’s rich culture is dying down. But as a concerned citizen, he was to bring it out by teaching the youth through movie production. However, his efforts have not gone fast and far as he envisages. He therefore appealed to the elders and phylanthropic people around to come to his aid financially since the job was capital intensive.

Mr. Baah made this known in an interview this journalist after the launching of his movie, “Sefwi Nnye Hu” (Sefwi is not frightful) at Suiano in the Bodi District of the Western North Region, on November 24, 2019.

He argued that the rich Sefwi Lanague and its culture which were dying slowly did not seem to boarder anyone especially the elders.

It was against this background that he had taken it upon himself to bring them out and hype them through cenema. He stated that in the encounter with the youth of Sefwi, he had realized that the youth have the talent in cenema but no helper.

He pointed out that with these talents, they needed to be encouraged, stating that twenty (20) such talented youth had been identified at Suiano, hence the launch of the auburn there. According to him, though he was disappointed at the low turn up at the launch, especially elders of the town, who he personally invited but did not turn up, he was not discouraged. This is because they have not yet understood the programme. He was however quick to point out that when elders of the town they are invited to programmes, they should turn up to give advice and encouragement to those involved in the programme.

Boah, who happens to be the son of the famous Sefwi Musician, Adu Kwasi and possibly walking in his footsteps, pointed out that he was ever prepared to bring the Sefwi language and culture, up prop it, hype it and project it.

He could not understand why the people of Sefwi, especially the elders should look on for such a rich thing to die down.  He recalled how, one day, while in a bus in Kumasi, a woman tried to denegrade Sefwi after a lady who wanted to go to Sefwi disclosed to her that she was going to Sefwi.

According to him, the first woman, after hearing from the other one that she was going to Sefwi declared “Then your head is not for you Sefwi land, where murder abounds?”

Boah stated that fuming with rage he confronted and asked the woman if she had ever gone to Sefwi before. Sadly enough her answer was “No” claiming that it was based on what people were saying that she made that claim. Boah stated that after rebuking her, she pledged to send the second lady to Sefwi, Safely. This, he said he did and ever since they had become good friends, calling each other on phone regularly.

The cenema producer stated that based on this he decided to make that movie”, Sefwi Nnye Hu”, which he launched at Suiano that day. He revealed that besides this, he had two others, “Efie ha Nnywo” and “Oh! Me nua”.

While commending Boah for this movie, Mr. Allen Kwadwo Avedzidah, Director of Movie noted that staging movie in Ghana was problematic. He said that when people are approached for their houses and sites for use by movie producers, they initially give their concent. However, when the appointed time comes, they (producers) get woefully disappointed. The Director expressed his unhappiness at the poor attendance at the programme stating that it had been a big problem there. He was however quick to point out that this came about because the people did not understand it. He was of the view that in course of time, when they come to terms with movie and its production, they will co-operate.

Mr. Avedzidah stated that though there are big and well established movie firms such as Kumawu and others there was the need for the yong and new ones as Agyeboat to come in by involving the youth so that when old movie stars are no more, they (Youth) could replace them.

Source: S.O. Ankamah, Sefwi Juaboso


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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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