MP pleads with government to institute compensation package for orphans created by the Kintampo accident

The Member of Parliament for the Garu constituency, Alalzuugah Albert Akuka, has called on the Government to institute a compensation package for the many orphans left behind as a result of the Kintampo-Tamale Highway accident so as to avoid sending more children to the streets.

In a tribute statement on the Floor of Parliament recently, Akuka said, “I stand here as a Ghanaian making a simple request, let us support the families of the deceased, especially the affected children by calling on the Government to institute a compensation package for the many orphans left behind as a result of this accident to avoid adding more street children to our streets”.

He also called for a policy on detailed passenger documentation and passenger rights by adding that, “our commercial vehicles, especially long distance vehicles, have no proper passenger records and in the event of any eventuality, we struggle to get details of the victims”.

According to him, commercial vehicles plying roads both short and long distances are usually over loaded with people and luggage stuffed under the seats, this practice he said must be stopped through effective monitoring and sanctioning.

He noted that most of the fatal accidents happened at night, as such, long distance commercial vehicles should be made to travel day time with two drivers on board.

To him, commercial vehicles should be made to take up comprehensive insurance policies and passenger travel insurance because, “too often, travellers suffer accidents with no insurance packages for them”.

On that faithful Friday, 22nd March, 2019, over 70 active Ghanaians met their unexpected and untimely death, of the number, 60 were from Garu District.

Source: Edzorna Francis Mensah

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