Mums and Dads kiss 9-to-5 jobs goodbye to start own businesses

Mum and dad entrepreneurs are leading the charge in leaving 9-5 jobs to achieve financial independence and schedule flexibility. One-quarter of Aussies even say that if they had their own business, they’d be happy to continue working into retirement according to a survey conducted by Stake – an Australian share trading platform.

Business-in-a-box solutions are allowing mum and dad entrepreneurs to kick-start their own businesses regardless of their work experience by including everything from marketing materials to employee contracts, training and continued support. Unlike a franchise, the owner is not bound by the usual big-business guidelines and costs and the buy-in cost is significantly lower.

Matt Buchel, Editor-in-Chief for The Importa magazine, said such opportunities for people to start their own businesses were being snapped up because it doesn’t take an MBA or masses of cash for initial investment to get started.

“The rise of the mum and dad entrepreneurs is exciting. We’re seeing a wave of people looking to take control of their future and build something of their own. The demand for self-owned and operated importing business models is growing every year.

“Leaving behind the 9-5 is a huge step, so mum and dad entrepreneurs will only step into something solid that’s guaranteed to generate income. This allows them continue to support their family without risk, and at the same time, plan for a comfortable future. We’re seeing take up of business-in-a-box solutions which are designed for success, whether you have a business background or not, ” Mr. Buchel said.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that the number of actively trading business has increased for the fourth year in a row, and exit rates continue to decline.

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