MUSIGA has collapsed – Obrafuor

“There are no structures, no good record companies….”

He had remained so calm till DJ Surely, the presenter on DRIVE EXPRESS on UNIIQ 95.7 Megahertz hit on what can be considered a raw nerve. DJ Surely wanted him to answer a few questions before they wrapped up the interview and so began with a premise. “We have a music industry in Ghana….”

Before he could land with a question, Obrafour had interjected, “Do we?”

The presenter forgot that he was not answering the questions this time but responded “Yes we do.”

“How?” Obrafour shot back as the roles temporarily changed. DJ Surely had to respond this time with some laughter.

It offered him a respite from the temporary role of changing places with his guest. The guest now followed up with some explanation why he thinks there is no music industry in Ghana. To the rap guru, an industry should have a regulatory body but that is not the situation in this country. “There are no structures, no good record companies….” He added.

Obrafour, born Elliot Kwabena Okyere Darko in 1976, was not finished yet with how regulations should help artistes. He asked who even monitors what is played on air and whether it is logged. This is in line with appropriate copyright benefits that should accrue to the artiste.

When it got to the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Obrafour did not pull his punches. To him, “the Association is not attractive”. He wanted to know what “they are contributing to individual musicians”. He was not happy that musicians have a splintered front and called on them to unite “to fight for whatever we want”.

In a spirit of humility however he felt he had not reached a legendary status yet and believed others like Regie Rockstone may fall into that category.

Source: Kingsley Obeng-Kyereh || GBCGhana

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