My Daily Diary of Political Activism Number Five: Ghana at the Crossroads

Folks, it is clear to me that all the developments regarding whether the EC should go ahead to compile a new voters register for Election 2020 or not is a pivotal moment to change Ghana’s future direction. That direction will be for good or bad.

Tempted to be pessimistic, I think that the direction will be terribly bad!!

Much has happened since Akufo-Addo got to power ( after the piling up discontent at Elections 2008 and 2012 and his calculated attempts at establishing structures verging on security to protect and advance his quest to remain in power or for the NPP to do so. The emergence of vigilante groups and all happenings as far as the manipulation of the security services to go the NPP way and the recruitment of NPP hoodlums into the state apparatus say much to us. A lot more that observers of the situation know).

The haggling and neck-breaking arguments regarding what Jean Mensa and the EC are bent on doing adds a lot more to the tension.

Those supporting the EC’s move to compile a new voters register emerge everyday from all quarters. They may think that they have an edge just because they are able to make their viewpoints heard. Unfortunately, that edge spells doom for Ghana because the opponents know how to counteract it and register their own edge.

Folks, there is ample evidence to suggest that the manipulation of the system by Akufo-Addo spells doom. Election 2020 may not happen, after all.

While all this nonsense goes on, there seems to be little consideration of the terrorist menace. The attacks on Burkina Faso, Niger, and Mali in our West African region haven’t so far been considered as a major threat that could spread to Ghana, the Ivory Coast, and others down south. But it could be. All that it needs to happen is the fertile ground (discontent among the people on the basis of political happenings and…. booooooommmmmmm!!)

From my narrow corner, I can see that the seeds being sown by Akufo-Addo and the NPP portend danger. It is not as if anybody should blame the NDC or others for any eruption in Ghana; but the truth must be faced: Action begets reaction.

If the government of the day squeezes the throats of the citizens to prevent them from voicing out their opinions and for ensuring that they are heard as far as the political direction of the country is concerned, anything goes……..!!

I am worried that the tension that is building up in Ghana spells doom.

Why should anybody be wasting huge sums of money to compile a new voters register just because room has been created for that sum to be used as such instead of its being spent on serving better purposes?

The voters register that pushed John Mahatma out of power, that put Akufo-Addo in power, that gave Ghana a new batch of District/Municipal? Metropolitan Assembly members is no more good to retain Akufo-Addo in power at Election 2020?

And that voters register must be replaced at a huge cost instead of that money being spent to improve the living conditions of poor Ghanaians?

Too much madness already.

Source: Michael Jarvis Bokor

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