My Daily Diary of Political Activism: Personal Security for John Dramani Mahama must be beefed Up

Folks, I have a hunch. The “bokor” (soothsayer, diviner, foreseer, seer, “afakala”, etc.) in me has given me to be a step ahead of the NPP pack and to warn Team John Dramani Mahama of the danger ahead.

I call for the beefing up of personal security for and around Mahama. No expatiation.

Evidence from happenings in Ghana persuades me that Team Akufo-Addo can’t win Election 2020, no matter what it does between now and Election Day. Ghanaians reaching out to some of us have made it clear that Akufo-Addo’s days are numbered.

Scary for him at almost 80 years of age, living a life(style) disconnected from the mainstream Ghanaian citizen’s own. Ask the poor traders operating around his father’s Nima mansion that he used state power to evict into doom just to have his image enhanced)!!

And placed against how he got into office at Election 2016, the Kennedy Agyapongs and Co. have spilt the beans to inform us that surrogates in the Ghana Armed Forces and elsewhere were co-opted to outwit the system to Akufo-Addo’s advantage.

And that team of gangsters knows it as well, which explains its orchestrations and machinations to subvert the electoral process/system by bulldozing its way through regarding compiling a new voters’ register and implementing the ROPAL (which itself hasn’t been fine-tuned for us to know which countries and Ghanaians will be registered and qualified to vote at Election 2020).

So much.

The soaring popularity of Mahatma and the crave for his return to power scares Akufo-Addo to the extent that he wants to use anything at all to cripple Mahatma.

The latest in that scheme is the Airbus stupidity. Some have claimed that Mahatma is the “Government Official Number One” who must be pursued and snuffed out. Comments from the NPP camp have already crucified him to the extent that some loose talkers therein are telling Ghanaians that Mahatma will be imprisoned as such.

Let us see how the tide flows.

Beyond that limit, we must recognize the fact that history hasn’t favoured the Danquah-Busia political trash in Ghanaian politics. Nothing done by it could help it outdo its political opponents.

Whatever they used the weak-minded security capos to do in those days cannot be done in our time. They will be crushed like pesky fleas.

Knowing how weak they are at the polls, they will resort to nothing but terrorism (Do we not know their bomb-throwing activities at Kulungugtu and the Accra Sports Stadium)?

Within this context, I urge the NDC team to remain vigilant. They must do all they can to protect Mahama against anything from these nation-wreckers, thieves, liars, and murderers being led by Akufo-Addo (the scammer of a legal status. An “ofui” as such!!).

Let me repeat that the NDC camp must wake up to beef up security around Mahama. I can see the NPP camp scheming to hurt him (even if their loud claims that he will be imprisoned on the basis of the Airbus case is a mere irritant).

What that ill-natured Owusu Bempah said that Mahama will be killed by an arrow must be placed in context and dealt with.

These Danquah-Busia political fools know nothing but how to mow down those they consider as preventing them from fleecing the system for personal gains.

In any case, should their stupidity heighten, much will come from us to place them where they belong. They may be out there making loud and ugly noises about their portfolios, which we don’t do. But when push comes to shove, the battle-lines will prove who is who in Ghanaian politics. Of course, the hunter doesn’t reveal all. Good day!!

Source: Michael Jarvis Bokor

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