Nana Akufo-Addo: A Unique “Champion of AU Financial Institutions”

NPP knew the gravity of John Mahama’s incompetent and scandal-ridden tenure in office as Vice-President and President. We knew how damaged the nation was, and how lowly Ghana had sunk into the abyss of poverty, indebtedness, disgrace, embarrassment, and nakedness, albeit to tell the truth, there was a bit more that we did not know like the Airbus bribery, and the embezzlement of forty million US Dollars given to John Mahama and his cronies as bribe money to lure the NDC government into giving them the Prampram airport project, which the Dubai investors had no idea was a hoax.

The banking crisis was a looming disaster. John Mahama had kept the fraudulent banks on artificial respiration to delay their obituary because they were especially set up under the NDC as mere conduits to launder money and steal the people’s hard earned life savings. DKM et al had caused the death of many, yet he John Mahama schlepped over the nation like he was treading on rubbish, which the people were assumed to be. Then the tides ebbed for NDC and the tables turned. They fell like the severed head of a criminal under the knife of the guillotine, disgraced, annihilated, and derogated. Ghanaians shouted #neverNDCagain.

Truth be told that initially when the banking cleanup exercise started, I had the shivers considering the albatross of a crisis we were faced with. I won’t say I underestimated the prowess of the EMT (Economic Management Team), but the burden was too heavy to carry. Then I realised that in economics, we have the macho men, and the David of our time in the person of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. They drove our vehicle safely along the roughest fiscal terrain ever in the history of Ghana. Slowly, but surely, we have almost arrived at the highway. Along the way, fiscal pot holes were patched, boulders smashed, and barriers removed. There was no looking back, something Akufo-Addo never does except in times of reflection when he pauses to assess his journey thus far; and I must say it has been a colossal one of grace, blessings, and success.

So the reverberations of Akufo-Addo’s economical, industrial, Agricultural, and infrastructural boom have rocked the African Union boat, and reached the heart of the world that has responded with a positive tune for the bright prospects of Ghana under the NPP leadership. The indices exhibited and explained by Dr Bawumia were a loud indictment on the lazy disposition of idiots in the NDC government of John Dramani Mahama.

When John Mahama spent six million US Dollars on his infamous trip to the USA (CNN and Samsung photo pose), I knew that he was an empty braggart wrongly entrusted with the nation. I knew he was the disaster that hit Ghanaians in the face for allowing the NDC to rig elections 2012 as they had always done since 1992. It is an open secret that NDC folks are vote thieves, an addition to their already shameful pack of unfavourable cards.

Hon Ken Ofori-Atta has reiterated the promise of President Akufo-Addo that all customers of the defunct banks and scam financial institutions, including DKM, will be fully reimbursed. On the road infrastructure front, Hon Minsiter Amoako-Atta has paid thus far about 80% of debts including those accrued from 2014, since the days of incompetent “Airbus John Mahama”. Debts owed nurses and teachers since the days of incompetent “Airbus John Mahama” have been paid! Debts owed teacher trainees since the days of incompetent “Airbus John Mahama” have been paid! Debts owed the medical institutions by NHIA since the days of incompetent “Airbus John Mahama” have been paid! Unserviceable contracts that were a drain on Ghanaian blood have been cancelled while others were renegotiated to become profitable to the nation. PDS, John Mahama’s vehicle of thievery, which was mandated in the last quarter of 2016 during his Presidency, was cancelled and sacked by President Nana Akufo-Addo, in spite of the fact that the NDC tried to disentangle themselves and place the blame on the NPP. Such dirty schematics by John Mahama’s group of bandits. There is an Arabic saying that translates as such, “He beat me and cried, and rushed first to complain!” This is a cap that fits the NDC perfectly!

Henceforth, we are moving from Grace to Grace; from blessing to blessing; from progress to progress! We are moving in the steps ordained by ALLAH for Ghana under the leadership of His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo. As it is now, let NPP’s nightingale, His Excellency Dr Mahmoudu Bawumia, continue to sing Ghana’s love songs that make the NDC cry as he swats the flies in John Mahama’s shattered fugacious movement!


By Fadi Dabbousi

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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