Nana-Bawumia Government Finally Faces the TRUTH of 17th December Referendum

Nana-Bawumia Government Finally Faces the TRUTH of 17th December Referendum

Tears of JOY flowed when the Deceptions about the 17th December Referendum finally succumbed to the Truth in the address by President Nana Addo to withdraw the referendum Bill.

Let me use this occasion to extend gratitude to all and sundry especially the NO MOVEMENT who acted in the interest of truth and patriotism.

Further let me also extend a special gratitude to former President John Mahama for fulfilling his promise he made to me on 19th October, some few months ago, after explaining to him the chaos of a “Yes vote” and it’s implications as well as, his promise to Ghanaians to be truthful and about what he can do to let the NDC stand for the Truth and empirical evidence of 27 years of the 4th Republic for the referendum. In his response the former president said ” I will see what I can do”.

For the NDC to have strongly taken a No stance was a clear indication that his influence played a major role. For that I am grateful to former President Mahama.

Let me also extend a special gratitude to the President and Vice President of the National House of Chiefs, Togbe Afede and Daasebre Kwebu Ewusi VII respectively, who were moved by the spirit of the Stools and Skins to state “NO” to the referendum, when I appealed through Daasebre Ewusi Kwebu on 14th November, 2019.

Again let me further extend gratitude to lawyer Samson Lardy, host of Newsfile TV Programme for also adding his professionalism onto the mirage of facts about why a “No Vote ” was the option, when I appealed to him on 5th November, after the unfortunate Yes Vote campaign by the President Nana Addo at Akatsi.

If Ghanaians were not bold enough to impeach the President, for his unfortunate deception message for “Yes” campaign at Akatsi, let’s forgive him, for to err is human. Indeed, “you cannot fool all the people all the time” as said by Abraham Lincoln.

Now the sincerity test onus is on the President, Nana Addo, to prove to Ghanaians that indeed he wanted to give power to the people without any string attach. The President, H. E. Nana Addo, had already failed, for he could have demonstrated his genuineness by still allowing Parliament to amend Article 243(1).

Most Ghanaians, Fmr President Mahama, the NDC and other stakeholders have shown commitment to amending article 243(1) so we can elect our MMDCEs in conformity to the Local Government System Guarantee of Article 240 of the 1992 Constitution. This is the broader consensus if the President wanted and if indeed he believes in it. For the President has demonstrated that he does Not believe in broader consensus with the quack Vigilantism Bill where he disregarded the National Peace Council (NPC) and all other Political Parties and Stakeholders to pass with a simple majority. The truthfulness of the President has been exposed ironically by the Referendum and in particular about his withdrawal instruction to the Local Government Minister in the Nation’s Address on 1st December, 2019.

If indeed the “Yes Votes” had the chance to win, I’ve no doubt, he would have still gone ahead with the 17th December Referendum, in the same authoritative manner like the Vigilantism Bill.

The withdrawal is a great victory for the Truth and courageous though the insistence of only President Nana Addo has caused financial loss to the state.

God bless JOY for initiating the “NO movement” from April 2019.
God Bless Ghana and make her great and strong in 2020 Elections.

Jacob Osei Yeboah 2012 & 2016 Independent Presidential Candidate.

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