NARNGO to organize a Seminar for Churches on Dec. 30

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The citizenry who earn just a little above or below the minimum wage, the poor, needy, single mothers, single parents, the less-privileged, the vulnerable, widows, orphans, the jobless youth and adults and the hungry senior citizens who are finding life very difficult and are struggling to put food on the table for the family and others who do not know where their next meal will come from are all living a frustrated life.

We believe this is a major problem, challenge and headache for Government and the Church leaderships.

Prior to the introduction of Free SHS policy by NPP Government, some churches were struggling to meet all the request for school fees support from members.

COVID-19 pandemic lockdown also brought its own problems and challenges for Governments and churches all over the world, including Ghana.

During TIME WITH EDITORS engagement at the GJA International Press Centre in Accra, organized by Network of Associations of Registered NGOs in Ghana (NARNGO) did woo GJA to join it to help disseminate and communicate NARNGOs concept which is a lasting solution to these problems and challenges to the church leaderships.

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It is in view of this that NARNGO in collaboration with GJA is organizing a days conference seminar for church leaders at Accra Metropolitan Assembly Conference Hall, on Wednesday, 30th December 2020 at 3pm.

NARNGO will make available its team of Consultants and Experts who are: Economists, Legal Persons, Strategists, Critical Thinkers and, Professionals in their own fields etc. to help the Church community to strategically position itself very well in order to take advantage of available opportunities and incentives from Governmental, non-Governmental and International Donors among others, for the benefit of the Church Community, its members and the Community in which its operates .

NARNGO with its Strategic Partners/Alliances will join hands with Government to solve these problems and challenges by providing healthy and nutritious meals per day or dry food stuffs per week to 500 beneficiaries per Electoral Area Nationwide to the glory of GOD.

Government should not be left alone to solve the numerous problems facing Ghana today, therefore it behooves on all of us with good plans and intentions, to ensure that Governments flagship programs and projects are successfully carried out in the interest of Church community and Ghana.

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The Corporate Church must take advantage of Governments flagship initiatives and venture into Agri-business and its value chain to ensure food security so that the Corporate Church can win the fight against poverty, hunger, unemployment as well as rural-urban migration.

This will make it possible to provide at least one nutritious healthy meal per day to struggling active and retired clergy and Church members, targeting 500 needy senior citizens, single mothers and jobless youth as well as supporting all less-privilege Schools, Aged and Childrens homes and Health institutions with food produce among others to be led by the Leaders of the religious and interest groups in all the over 5,700 electoral areas in Ghana.

NARNGO concept will create at least one million jobs from the over 40,000 cooperative business ventures to be established and owned by interested Religious and Interest bodies nationwide.

This is the time to assemble critical strategic thinkers, and make use of them to the benefit of Ghana and that is exactly what NARNGO is doing. Ghana has capable men and women, all that we need to do is to identify them and make use of them and I believe the world will come and learn from us in Ghana, our success story, to the glory of God.

Issued and signed by NARNGO


(National President & Project Strategist )

0244405632 / 0208184447 / 0262067337


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