NDC Constituency Elections: Sylvester Mensah wishes all Candidates well

As our dear party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) holds its constituency conferences across the country this weekend, I wish all members vying for various party positions the best of luck. I call on all stakeholders to ensure that the elections are conducted in a democratic, civil, peaceful, fair and transparent manner.

Let us be mindful of the fact that this is a critical exercise for the party. Any decision taken at these conferences could either strengthen or weaken our electoral fortunes in the 2020 general elections. Unfortunately there have been complaints and reports about how some groups of persons are seeking to vitiate the process in order to subvert the interest of the larger party and for parochial interests. This has led to the suspension of some constituency conferences. It is however assuring to see that party leadership at the national level working to address these avoidable occurrences. We call on all stakeholders to ensure a level-playing field for all aspirants to make the process credible and acceptable by all.

To our delegates, there is no gainsaying of the power you wield as kingmakers. The party looks up to you to take the right decision devoid of all influences whatsoever.

As you go to the polls, endeavour to elect competent and capable persons loyal to the party and not individual interests. The destiny of the party depends on the decisions you make this weekend and I have absolute confidence that you will give the party the best set of executives who will lead us to victory 2020.

To the aspirants, even though we are all aware that there are two possible outcomes in every election, it is important for us to realize this is a family affair, and that at the end of it, all of us become winners.

Once again, I wish all aspirants the best of luck with a firm belief that after this weekend’s exercise, our party shall come out stronger, more united and poised for victory 2020.

“From victory onto victory, the NDC shall lead a stable Democratic Ghana, our strength in UNITY”.

Long live the National Democratic Congress!

Long live Ghana!

2020 is Ours To Win !!!

Sylvester Mensah

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