NDC Elections and the Rise of Magoo – the ‘Suhum Chavez’

The Daughter of NDC Constituency Women Organizer, now contesting for National Women Organizer Position 



In the run up to the 2016 elections, the Daily Guide newspaper dedicated one of its ‘Akosua cartoons’ to a violent clash in Suhum between NDC and NPP supporters – in the middle of the action stood a female leader of the NDC side – the Suhum Chavez – it described, throwing missiles to the NPP side. In the story accompanying the cartoon, the MCE of Suhum, Ms Margaret Ansei, popularity known as Magoo, had led some NDC young men to fight some NPP youths who had earlier attacked a group of NDC members.

With that nationwide reportage, a search for the Suhum Chavez, unveiled that young woman, a daughter of the former Constituency Women Organiser, who has sprung from that popular NDC house near the Suhum market, has become the NDC Parliamentary Candidate, and was doing boot-for-boot with the incumbent NPP MP, and so, was responding to his thuggery and threatening to snatch that seat.

From the lap of her septuagenarian mother who had actively served the NDC for over 20 years, the young lady was on the cusp of stepping into national debate, and as a topic. Her mother, in all her years of service as a Constituency Women Organiser, did not attract a backpage attention of any newspaper, yet her daughter Margaret, had used one election campaign to attract national attention.

This was how Magoo, the ‘Suhum Chavez’, begun to walk into the hearts of many NDC supporters who had not seen or heard of her before.

Her feat – To mobilize a group of NDC youth to avenge an earlier attack on them, in an NPP dominant constituency and refusing to be intimidated, a mark of a brave warrior of the NDC deserving of applause.

So, here came the 2020 elections and H.E John Mahama thought it wise to appoint this Suhum Chavez to be a Deputy Campaign Spokesperson, after she had consistently been on radio and television defending and promoting the NDC and exposing the NPP government for their many failures. Once again, Margaret was on radio and TV doing her best for the campaign.

And after the NDC National Women Organiser had abandoned her office in 2020 to go chase her Parliamentary ambitions, Margaret joined the other female members of the party to intensify their media activities, whilst others embarked on retail and street campaigns to help the course.

Fast-track to 2022, Magoo is in the news again, seeking to replace the NDC National Women Organiser who abandoned her mandate at a critical time into the 2020 elections when NDC needed her most to help promote the Running Mate, Prof Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang.

May God bless Magoo and crown her efforts with victory so that the Suhum Chavez can become Ghana’s Margaret Thatcher.

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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